Toy poodle plays with a ball in Dogtopia Erindale in Mississauga

When you’re off for a day or a weekend, your furry friend is probably just as bored as you are to do something. There are many things you can do with your dog, and while there’s a list of suggestions below, the possibilities are endless!

Are you going out somewhere for a weekend?

Camping opens a lot of opportunities for you and your dog to play. You can go hiking up the trail, take them out onto the boat or go swimming with them! It’s your home away from home, without worrying about making a mess at home.

If your dog hasn’t been exposed to swimming in the water yet, it’s recommended getting him a lifejacket and letting him learn how comfortable he is with it, as well as with the water.

I’m looking for something a little more closer to home. Is there such a thing?

Playing with your dog doesn’t have to be limited to going out of town for the day. You can always take your dog to the beach for a swim or in your backyard, regardless of whether you have a big pool or the kiddie pool. Have an outdoor water party with the hose and gardening extensions to jump around and play with the water!

Dogs also love it when you play with them using their toys, so grab some dog rope for a game of tug o’ war! Play fetch with them, race with your dog or give him some good tender love and care with some cuddles in front of the TV.

Would working out be a good activity?

Absolutely! Dog breeds with high energy and high mental stimulation would make great running partners instead of taking them out for a walk. Not only do you get your daily exercise, but you get a chance to help them burn out their energy and you’re doing it together.

One of the big trends of exercising with your dog is called Doga, which is yoga designed for you and your dog. It includes gentle massage, stretching, meditating and strengthening the bond between both you and your pet.

You and your dog will be in bed, snoozing together by the end of a great and fulfilling day!

Toy poodle plays with a ball in Dogtopia Erindale in Mississauga