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Pay as you go
1 full day: $41
1/2 day (up to 5 hours): $25
Pass Packages
5-day pass: $200 ($40/day)
10-day pass: $380 ($38/day)
20-day pass: $720 ($36/day)
30-day pass: $960 ($32/day)
*Passes expire 1 year from purchase and are not transferrable between Dogtopia locations.


BFFFs                  8 visits/month:       $279 ($35/day)
Really Big Deal    12 visits/month:     $379 ($31/day)
Top Dog               20 visits/month:     $574 ($29/day)
  • The best rates
  • VIP perks
  • Easy & convenient
  • Access at any location in Ontario

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Daycare passes make a great gift for your friends and family. Contact us to learn more.

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Pay as you go


$20/night with use of a pass

Multiple Night Packages

Discounts available on multiple nights, additional discounts available when you are a daycare member. Call us for details!

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Spa Services

All of our baths include the use of top quality shampoos and conditioners, blow out and light brushing.

Baths starting at $25 depending on size, and breed

Nail Trim and File $15

Stencils $5 or 3 for $10

Nail Polish $10


We also offer full grooming services which include: a bath, blowout, 15 min brush out, body hair cut, sanitary trim, paw pad Trim, nail trim and file, ear cleaning, natural finishing spritz, and a bandana or bow

Full Groom starting at $50 depending on breed, size and condition of coat

Anal Glands $25

Face Trim $19

Face Trim deluxe $30

De-shedding $20 - $30



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