canine coach

Lauren has a calmer approach to keeping her room under control. Her calm energy transfers to the dogs and they play nicely while wrestling and chasing the ball.

She has her eye on the dogs at all times and is has great intuition when reading their body language. The dogs respond to her gentle approach very well and she loves her pack!





pet stylist

Teresa has been a pet groomer for 8 years and is very passionate about her job. She always pays a lot of attention and detail to making a dog look their very best before leaving the spa. She has grown up with German Shepherds up until she started her own family, but she considers Dogtopia her home away from home.

Teresa is kind and gentle with the dogs, and is careful with dogs regardless of their coat condition. She’s especially watchful of dogs that are new to grooming. She makes it her goal to have a dog leave happy, looking great and wanting to come back for another visit soon.


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