At Dogtopia, we look out for the needs of our customers and their furry friends before doing an intake with a dog that’s never been at our facility. Intact dogs are not a good match for an open play environment such as dog daycare, and here’s why.

Pregnancy can occur

Having intact dogs means that they’re likely to impregnate other dogs or get impregnated. While the dogs that have been fixed aren’t subject to this, it’s likely when having more than one intact dog in our daycare facilities.

Intact dogs are also more likely to hump around other dogs that they haven’t been exposed to, mainly as a dominance factor and it’s a behaviour that we discourage dogs from doing at our Dogtopia Mississauga facilities.

My dog has been trained and is still intact. What’s the difference?

While we don’t discourage pet parents from keeping their dogs intact, there are some benefits to having them spayed/neutered and will ensure that they are safer in a daycare environment:

  • Spaying and neutering can curb behaviours that’ll help make your dog accepted into a pack.
  • It’ll also maintain balance and fair play, as the behaviours differ between an intact and a spayed dog. 
  • Intact dogs may have the tendency to be territorial of their own property and pet parents, so this behaviour can be reduced with spaying and training.

Spaying and neutering your dog gives them a chance to play with others without being overly possessive with their friends, so one dog doesn’t stand out more than the others. For information on whether spaying and neutering is right for your dog. talk to your local veterinarian.

Dogs at play in our daycare!Intact dogs haven’t been neutered or fixed in any way, according to the owner’s preference. But these kinds of dogs can be unsuited for daycare.