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We understand that leaving your dog in a safe and loving environment is important to you. It’s important for us, too. At Dogtopia, our weekly wellness plans give your pup the socialization, exercise, structure and education they need on a weekly basis. Reserve your spot at our supervised, open-play daycare today!

Benefits for you & your dog

  • A commitment to your dog’s overall health and wellness
  • Regular socialization, exercise and education with their BFFFs® (Best Furry Friends Forever)
  • Priority daycare & boarding reservations
  • Faster check-in & check-out process
  • Convenient weekly auto-billing
  • Small, weekly payments
  • Flexibility! You’ll have the ability to pause your plan for up to eight weeks a year without losing your spot in daycare
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I join Dogtopia’s weekly wellness plan?
    Similar to a child in daycare, it’s important to keep your furry child on a consistent routine of socialization, education and exercise. Our wellness programs allow you to enroll your pup in daycare every week and receive the best price! And you’ll have peace of mind knowing they are in a safe and comfortable environment developing positive behavior they can show off at home. Enrolling in a weekly wellness enrollment plan also gives you exclusive access to our overnight boarding services and our spa services.
  • Do you require a contract?
    It’s an open-ended agreement. There is a 2 week minimum for each Wellness Plan. There are no cancellation fees.  You may cancel or change your enrollment by sending us an email by 5pm on the Friday before your next Sunday charge. Our email is [email protected]
  • How often am I billed?
    Billing is small, easy, weekly payments. You will get billed once a week on Sunday. To receive the enrollment discounted plan you are required to be on it for a minimum of two weeks. If you need to cancel or change your enrollment, please send us an email by 5pm on the Friday before your next Sunday charge. Our email is [email protected]
  • What if I miss a week or a day?
    We understand that issues arise that may require an absence. There are four “pause weeks” available to each dog during the year. Your enrollment will pause for up to a total of four weeks, with no payment during that time. Pausing for more than 4 consecutive weeks or pausing without a return date will result in a cancellation of your current enrollment, and you will need to re-enroll at current prices upon your return (no fees apply). All enrollment plans require a two week minimum with no cancellation fees. Each enrollment plan provides a total number of daycare days per week to use whenever you like during that week. We recommend developing a consistent schedule for you and your dog, as dogs thrive off of routine. Unused daycare days do not rollover to the following billing cycle. We are here to help you determine the right plan for your desired attendance.
  • Does my wellness plan offer any discounts on other services?
    Enrollment provides you with the absolute best price on our daycare and boarding services. There are no other discounts on our services. By enrolling, you are getting a savings off of our daily daycare rate. Enrolling in a weekly wellness enrollment plan also gives you priority access to our overnight boarding services and our spa services.
  • How does boarding work with enrollment?
    Dogs who are enrolled in our wellness program will have priority booking for boarding reservations. The minimum enrollment period is two weeks. Prior to being approved for boarding, your pup must pass their meet and greet and be comfortable in open play and crate for naptime. We recommend  3 full days of play prior to first overnight stay to ensure maximum comfort for your pup.  Your weekly enrollment may be applied toward your overnight stay’s invoice. If you’re staying longer than you’re enrolled, we will honor your daycare rate so it’s simply your enrolled rate plus the overnight fee for the additional days of boarding.
  • Is my dog required to attend daycare the same days each week?
    Although that is best for your dog(s) and is highly recommended, it is not required at this time.
  • Can I change my plan?
    Yes! All enrollment plans have a minimum of 2 weeks enrollment. If  you wish to change or cancel your plan please notify us by 5pm on the Friday before your next Sunday billing via email ([email protected]).
  • Can I purchase more days without changing my plan?
    Yes. Additional daycare days may be purchased without changing your plan and we will honor your daycare rate as outlined by your specific wellness plan.
  • Can both of my dogs use one plan?
    We allow one dog per wellness plan. If you have two dogs, you’ll need to purchase two plans.
  • Will I get a receipt?
    Yes, you’ll receive an email each week notifying you of the charge to your credit card.
  • Can I pause my plan?
    Yes. You have the ability to pause your plan for a total of four weeks per year at no charge. Please notify us by 5pm on the Friday before your next Sunday billing via email ([email protected]). Pauses for more than 4 consecutive weeks or without a return date are considered cancellations of your current enrollment. You will need to re-enroll at the current prices when you return (no fees apply).
  • How do I cancel?
    We ask for an email by 5pm on Friday before your next charge. Our email is [email protected]
  • Can my wellness plan be used at another Dogtopia?
    Not at this time.
  • What time should I drop my dog for boarding?
    Please plan to drop off your dog a minimum of 3-4 hours prior to closing. The earlier you drop off your pup for daycare for a boarding stay, the better. Your pup will have an opportunity to play all day and get tired out before getting tucked in for the night which increases their sense of comfort.
  • What should I bring for a boarding stay?
    We make it very easy for you when your fur baby has a sleepover with us! All you need to bring is their food and any medication. Please label everything and portion out the meals if possible. We have soft complimentary bedding for your pup! We don't allow toys or any chew sticks in our daycare for safety purposes. Please allow at least 10-15 minutes at drop off to fill out our boarding intake form. Feel free to call or e-mail us with any questions.

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