Port Chester Dog Daycare

It's all about my quality time with BFFFs.  You know - socializing, playing and being a smarty pants...sans the pants.

Replace your pup’s days of lounging around waiting for you to play with them with fun-filled days at Dogtopia of Port Chester! Your dog will enjoy plenty of hours of exercise and socialization with other like-minded pups in our off-leash, open play environment. Our brand new, state-of-the-art facility is staffed with highly trained certified Canine Coaches who will shower your furry family member with all the care and attention they deserve.


Doggie daycare is a place where pet parents can bring their pup to during the day when they are unable to provide them with the attention they need. At Dogtopia of Port Chester, we provide our daycare dogs with 100% supervised off-leash open play in climate-controlled playrooms where they can exercise, socialize and learn new things. This helps deter boredom, loneliness or destructive behavior at home when dogs are left unattended during the day. Pet parents often report that their pups are better behaved at home after learning valuable lessons in daycare.

Each of our playrooms is designed to maximize your pup’s comfort during play time. This includes compressed rubber flooring that helps to cushion your dog’s paws and joints, HVAC systems with UV light and Synexis® microbial reduction systems that eliminate airborne bacteria, and a controlled climate to ensure a comfortable temperature no matter the weather outdoors.


Every dog deserves daycare. Daycare gives you the ability to socialize, exercise and educate your furry family member when you can’t do it yourself. These three factors are imperative to developing the best-behaved pup at home. Here at Dogtopia of Port Chester, we firmly believe that every dog that comes to play with us is a part of our Dogtopia family. As a pet parent, you can feel confident that the same amount of love you give your pups are home, they’ll receive in our care. We are very hands-on and believe in positive reinforcement only. If you have a pup that might chew on things a little too often, has a bit too much energy they need to burn off, or simply needs some doggie friends, then Dogtopia of Port Chester is the perfect place for them!


You can feel good about leaving your pup at Dogtopia, as our certified Canine Coaches are highly trained in all aspects of educating and managing dogs of all breeds. All our Canine Coaches undergo rigorous training on dog body language and behavior. Not only do they supervise your dog at all times during play, but they also take the time to instill valuable socialization skills that will teach your pup to be better behaved around humans and other dogs!


We are proud to serve pet parents in Port Chester, NY, as well as the surrounding areas in both Westchester and Fairfield Counties. We’re easy to find right off of Routes 287 and 95, in the same parking lot as Home Depot. There’s plenty of parking out front, and we offer Curbside Service for no-contact dropoff and pickup.


Treat your dog to the most exciting day ever at Dogtopia of Port Chester! We offer full and half day daycare services to meet your needs. Before your pup’s first daycare stay, we require your pup to come in for a Meet & Greet with our team. This meeting will allow us to get to know your dog better and make sure our open-play environment in the right fit for them. For more information or to book your pup’s evaluation, you can fill out our online contact form or give us a call at 914-908-4710.

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