We are proud and honored to be voted Best Pet Resort in the Valley by readers of Arizona Foothills Magazine! In addition, we are excited to announce that HappyDoggo.com has selected us as one of the 10 Best Doggy Daycares in Arizona! Come see what our award-winning daycare is all about!

Arcadia Daycare

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1 Visit: $38
5 Day Pass: $36/day
10 Day Pass: $34/day
20 Day Pass: $32/day

It's all about my quality time with BFFFs. You know - socializing, playing and being a smarty pants...sans the pants.

We know how busy you are, and sometimes you can’t spend as much time with your dog as you’d like. In order to give them all the attention they need, we offer a variety of daycare packages that will allow your pup to socialize with other dogs, get plenty exercise, and burn off all their extra energy. Our fully supervised, fun-filled playrooms are the perfect place to leave your pup as you head off to work. Upon pick up, your pup will be happy, healthy, and tired out from a long day of play.

We offer a variety of doggie daycare packages that are suitable for all different needs.


Dog daycare is a great environment for your dog to get the exercise they need, learn valuable skills and make new friends. Dogs in daycare get much needed socialization with both humans and other dogs, which will keep their tail wagging all day. They learn appropriate behavior and how to play well with others. They also get lots of exercise, which is critical for a happy and healthy dog.

At Dogtopia of Arcadia, we separate our pups by size and temperament to create the safest and most positive experience for everyone. Our playrooms are fully supervised by our highly trained Certified Canine Coaches, which ensures your dog enjoys secure socialization and structured play. We welcome dogs of all sizes and breeds, as long as they pass our meet and greet evaluation prior to their stay.


It’s incredibly important that your dog gets plenty of exercise, especially with dog obesity on the rise. Dogs can burn off all of their pent up energy in our spacious, fully equipped, climate-controlled facilities.

Some other benefits of our pup paradise include:

  • Lots of attention from our Certified Canine Coaches
  • Fully supervised open play in our off-leash environment
  • Always fully supervised open play in our off-leash environment
  • Climate-controlled playrooms with individual HVAC systems
  • Live webcam access
  • Specially designed compressed rubberized flooring
  • Top quality customer service

Our state-of-the-art facility is focused on keeping pets comfortable and pet parents assured that their furry family members are happy, safe and thriving. We have 5,400 square feet of air conditioned space with three indoor playrooms: the Toybox, the Gym and the Romper Room. Our playrooms are like air-conditioned dog parks where, no matter what the weather, dogs can have fun running around with their puppy pals while being supervised by our highly trained Canine Coaches. Each room is climate-controlled and has a special air filtration system so our dogs are getting fresh air just like they would if they were outside. An indoor dog park is especially important in the Phoenix area where summer temperatures frequently soar into the 100s and dogs aren’t safe outside. Pet parents have peace of mind knowing that their pets are getting much needed exercise in a comfortable climate.

Our multiple indoor play rooms not only allow your pup to get plenty of exercise regardless of the weather conditions, but also ensure a lower risk of illness, bugs, parasites, and critters. Additionally, our indoor playrooms have compressed rubberized flooring that has been specially designed to be gentle on dogs’ paws, hips and joints.

We also have 1,400 square feet of playspace in our outdoor Barkyard play area, which is landscaped with turf and shaded from the direct rays of the sun.

Want to see what your pup is up to during the day? You can at Dogtopia of Arcadia. Pet parents are encouraged to check in on their pups throughout the day via our webcams, which streams live video to any device connected to the internet. Our pet parents love knowing their dog is well taken care of and they don’t just have to take our word for it – they can see it for themselves!


Our team consists of dog-loving experts who have undergone extensive training and know how to care for dogs of all breeds and sizes, and multiple dogs at the same time. We keep you updated on your dog’s progress with periodic report cards detailing all the new friends they’ve made, their progress, and how you can replicate our training at home.

Nearly every Canine Coach at Dogtopia of Arcadia has dogs of their own. So they’re more than just “dog friendly” – they’re total dog lovers. They get to know each and every one of the dogs in our care and frequently check the webcams even when they aren’t working to see what the dogs are up to each day. Our Canine Coaches really don’t want to miss a thing!

To find the perfect daycare package for you and your furry friend, please fill out our contact form or call us at 480-405-9646. Our dedicated team of dog care professionals will help you find the perfect fit for you, your pup, and your budget.

  • Golden Retriever, Wiener Dog, German Sheppard and Golden Lab sitting together

    Dogs Playing At Dogtopia Of Arcadia

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    Party Time

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    Wheaten Terrier And Chihuahua In Ball Pit

  • Golden Retriever, Wiener Dog, German Sheppard and Golden Lab sitting together

    A Canine Coach Plays With Dogs

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    The Best Day Ever

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    Dogs Playing With Their Canine Coaches At Dogtopia

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    Corgi And German Pinscher Enjoying The Barkyard

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    Doggie Birthday Party

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    Dogs Having Fun In The Ball Pit

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