Arcadia Loyalty

As part of the Dogtopia community, you and your pup will earn access to four tiers of loyalty status, which help keep today the most exciting day ever. 

“Sign us up!” you say? No need. Every time you come to daycare, you’ll earn progress towards the next tier.
“Tell me more!”? Well… if you insist. Here’s what it looks like.

First, we’ll honor the love you’ve shown for your pup by making a $5 donation to the Dogtopia Foundation in your name each time you achieve a new loyalty status.


Owner and a dog standing in the lobby at Dogtopia of Historic Phoenix.

You and your dog are a Really Big Deal to us. And we’ll make sure you know it. Aside from receiving exclusive gifts at each new status and VIP perks at Dogtopia Community Events, once you reach Gold Status we’ll celebrate your pup on the Wall of Fame in our lobby.

As if that isn’t enough… We’ll offer you exciting new benefits at each level of status.

And the best part… It’ll happen before you know it!

Enroll now or get in touch to learn more about our daycare.

Have questions? Please call us at 480-405-9646, fill out our contact form or ask us next time you come in. We LOVE talking about our loyalty program.

Program Rules:

  • Loyalty program status is updated on the 1st of each calendar month based on “total days in daycare”, as of the 15th of the previous month. New benefits go into effect on the first Monday of the month.
  • Loyalty status is earned per dog but we will always match existing loyalty status if you enroll a second/new dog.
  • Canceling enrollment will reset progress unless “Forever” status has been achieved. Once Forever Status has been achieved, you will keep your loyalty status after cancellation but you will lose your preferential enrollment rate, which is based on the date you enrolled.
  • You may pause your enrollment for up to 8 weeks per year without losing your Loyalty Status or preferential enrollment rate. Pause rates start at $10, go to $5 at Platinum Status and are free when you achieve Forever Status.
  • Monthly spa credits may only be applied towards recurring spa appointments. “Monthly” is calculated as a 4-week period (independent of the calendar month) and credits do not roll over.
  • Enrollment Plan Savings apply only to your enrollment plan and additional daycare days used while enrolled.
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