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201 N Maple Ave, Suite A, Purcellville, Virginia 20132

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The staff is always so friendly. They always make room for Bella even when I call last minute. Staff makes me feel comfortable leaving.

Super friendly staff that genuinely seem to enjoy our puppy. We love that we can watch her play through the app on our phones while she’s there and are confident she is being cared for and having fun with her friends!

I feel like they really care about my dogs.

Honor requests to mix soft food with hard at lunch. (many times my wet packets were returned at the end of the day, so I stopped sending them for lunch, and I have good reason to suspect my dog probably refused to eat the lunch dry food I sent with her) Offer packages that include dog care options in the base cost.. (e.g. grooming/nails/etc.)

Professional performance of staff!

The staff is very friendly and are dog people.
I liked being able to see the live webcams.
I also liked the option of having grooming.

It would be nice to have a report if there were any issues like if the dog didn’t eat or any other behavioral issues.

Great staff!

fable comes home exhausted. i’d pay double haha.

We love Dogtopia and so does Dot. We originally took Dot there in hopes that it would help with her fear aggression with other dogs. It was our last hope. One meet and greet and she was playing all day with all of the other dogs. I cried tears of joy. Now we take her every Sunday so she can play with her buddies! Thank you Dogtopia for changing all of our lives for the better. We love the staff and the other dogs who play with Dot at Dogtopia! ❤️

The staff was amazing and the facility is so clean! I felt very comfortable leaving my dog there.

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