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Redmond Pricing

Meet & Greet

Every pup needs an initial Meet & Greet to join us for daycare. It’s our way of safely assessing our new pups, gradually introducing them to our playrooms, and welcoming them into our Dogtopia family.

Before we set an appointment for that Meet & Greet, though, each pet parent takes a virtual tour of the facility. (All of our tours are currently being conducted over Zoom, as we are not yet permitting human visitors into the daycare.) It’s important to us that all of our pet parents truly understand what their furry child will experience while in our care, so you’ll leave your tour knowing more about Dogtopia than you ever imagined!

Once you’ve completed your tour and learned all about our place, we’ll have the Meet & Greet, during which your pup will have the opportunity to get to know his or her coaches, scope out our playrooms, and begin making friends. After we finish our assessments, we’ll give you a call to give you a report over the telephone.

At the end of a Meet & Greet, a pup who has passed his/her evaluation is welcome to stay for daycare for the remainder of the day at no further charge.

  • Meet & Greet $35

Dog Daycare

Daycare Enrollment

Unlimited visits a week $229
3 days a week $149
2 days a week $104
1 day a week $54

In order to attend daycare, a dog must be enrolled in our weekly daycare program.

When first joining Dogtopia, new dogs may need time to acclimate, and their parents may need time to determine a schedule that works best for the family. To that end, our one-day rate can be applied for as many visits as desired during the two weeks following the Meet & Greet. After the initial two-week grace period, the enrollment agreement must be submitted in order for a pup to attend daycare.


Please note that there is no pick-up or drop-off between 12:00pm and 2:00pm, as that is our pups’ lunch and naptime.

Overnight Stays

Overnight $29

Sleepovers are fun! Whether a pup needs to spend the night, or spend a whole two-week staycation, we’re ready with extra playtime and extra snuggles!

Please note: we offer overnight stays ONLY to those dogs who are enrolled in our daycare program. We do not accept boarding-only customers.

Dog Spa

Bath Starting at $25
Brush Out Starting at $12
Ear Cleaning $12
Nail Trim $16
Enzymatic Teeth Cleaning $12
Add-on: Gland expression $36
Add-on: Blueberry Facial (for tear and muzzle stains) $24
Full Spa Package Starting at $55

Pricing for spa services is determined by the size of the dog, the type and condition of his/her coat, etc.

Please note that our spa is exclusively for our daycare pups.

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