Regina East Dog Boarding

Home sweet home away from home where I can have my own blanket and doggie personal space.

Boarding services at Dogtopia Regina East are available exclusively to members of our daycare centre. Bookings for boarding are now being accepted!

Just because you can’t bring your pup along with you on vacation, doesn’t mean they can’t experience a staycation of their own! At Dogtopia of Regina East, we offer personalized overnight and long-term boarding packages to pamper your pup. Whether you’re out of town for a night or a week, your dog will enjoy hours of exercise and socialization in our safe and spacious open-play environment.

To find out more aboout boarding services at Dogtopia Regina East, please give us a call at 306 559 1046 or fill out our online form. Please note, Daycare enrolment pricing for boarding is different from non-daycare members, inquire with us today.


Unlike traditional kennels that leave their pups in crates for most of their day, we understand that dogs are social animals and thrive in an active environment where they can exercise and stimulate their minds. That’s why we set aside up to 10 hours a day for off-leash, open play, plus additional nighttime play for our overnight guests. Your furry family member will enjoy many hours of fun, mind games, and socialization with like-minded pups and plenty of attention from our loving certified Canine Coaches. When bedtime rolls around, your dog will be tired, happy and ready to do it all over again tomorrow!

Our pups who stay overnight or for extended stays will experience all-day open play (plus naptime) then get their own home-style crate to spend the night in the same room they have been playing in for added familiarity and comfort! Alternatively, your dog can be upgraded to our suites to be with their siblings or to just have their own space.  We encourage pet parents to bring in bedding or non-squeak toys to ensure they feel right at home.

Dinner is served by our staff (if requested). Each dog in our care will have an evening bathroom break before they are tucked into their cozy home-style crate or suite for the night.


We believe that our boarding facility should feel as comfortable as your own home! This is why we offer boarding services exclusively to members of our community. We know that boarding can be stressful for a dog if they are suddenly separated from what they know and are left in an unknown environment. This experience can be upsetting for a pup and can lead to refusal to eat or drink. In addition, dogs who are unfamiliar with the routine and environment can have a difficult time adjusting and interacting with other dogs. We do not offer boarding to pups who are not members of our daycare centre for these reasons.


It is never easy to leave your dog behind when you can’t bring them along on your travels. Dogtopia of Regina East provides live webcams so you can check in our pup during all hours of playtime! Pet parents can watch their dog having fun and surrounded by love from their BFFFs (Best Furry Friends Forever) and our dog-loving team.


Why not add some extra pampering to your pup’s stay? We offer spa packages that can be incorporated into your dog’s boarding visit. Treat them to a fresh teeth cleaning or luxury bath at our five-star doggie spa right before pick up, leaving you with one clean and fresh smelling pup to come home to!


For the benefit of our pet parents, our friendly and knowledgeable team is here to help you select the service that best fits your dog’s needs, as well as your own. As overnight space is limited, it’s best that you reserve a spot in advance. Call us at 306-559-1046 or fill out our contact form.



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