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Very responsive, enthusiastic, kind. I feel very safe leaving my dog at daycare and boarding.

Staffs is very friendly and knowledgeable and clean and Luna’s excited when I take her to daycare.

Friendly staff. I’m pretty sure my Cleo will be look after good.

From what we experienced the facility looks very nice. Unfortunately this is just not good for us at this point. We never got a good feel of it so it really is hard for me to comment. I do appreciate the 2 week fees being waived as we decided less then 24 hours this just wasn’t good for us at this time. I’m sure those little ones have fun.


I like that Rudy is so excited to arrive at Dogtopia every time we visit, and I appreciate that the staff waits patiently for him while I try to manage his excitement and settle him down before handing him over. He happily goes off with staff for his visit and I trust that he is cared for. I like that I can peek in on him on the web cam during the day. Aside from Rudy being cared for, the staff is always helpful and accommodating – very customer focused. Every interaction I have had with the staff at Dogtopia has been a positive one. Thank you!

Besides that the staff is always nice and friendly, they are always paying attention to dogs behavior 🙂

Best Team of Dog Daycare people in the city! We Live them all.

I like that our pup has a place to socialize with other dogs. It’s convenient to quickly pop in and drop him off before work in the mornings. I also enjoy that we can add on spa items or boarding when needed.

Staff are amazing! Love the cameras to check in on my pup. Appreciate all the little extras they do with theme days and such.

A couple suggestions I have is to not have so many dogs in the playrooms as it seems it’s getting overcrowded. Maybe open another room?
Also, if the parents could know what commands are being taught at daycare then they can be reinforced at home.

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