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It's all about my quality time with BFFFs.  You know - socializing, playing and being a smarty pants...sans the pants.

Dogtopia of The Shire at CityLine welcomes Texas pet parents to a brand-new, state-of-the-art dog daycare that delivers safety, wellness and fun. Our team knows how much your furry family member means to you, which is why we fill their day with exercise, learning opportunities and socialization to keep them engaged, healthy and loving life!

We have several daycare packages to choose from, such as half and full-day options, as well as affordable weekly wellness plans that ensure your dog will receive consistent play and socialization. Since pups thrive on routines, this can be a great way to prioritize their health and wellness in a way that will have them anticipating their next visit.

Our facility offers a safe, clean space for your pup to run around and play as they get their exercise in for the day through agility-focused activities. Compared to staying at home, Dogtopia dogs get a significant wellness boost, averaging around 30,000 steps in daycare versus dogs who stay at home, who average 8,000 steps. Not only is this a great way to increase their cardio, but it also improves their overall mental and physical health. By the time you get them home, they will be a tired, happily played-out pup enjoying the Dogtopia Daze and ready to drift off to dreamland.

Socialization is another key pillar at our doggie daycare. When your pup arrives, they will be greeted with a group of like-minded playing pups that match their size and play style. As they create their furry friend group and form special bonds with BFFFs (Best Furry Friends Forever), they will develop the confidence to approach doggie strangers and learn social cues that will help them transform into even greater canine citizens. Consistent daycare teaches your dog over time how to remain friendly and relaxed in unfamiliar spaces, which leads to less doggie mischief in public.

Education is also important to us and is something that your dog will benefit from at daycare. Our team is committed to providing quality care during your pup’s visit, which involves stimulating their minds with fun learning exercises and brain games. Our Canine Coaches strive to get to know your dog and how they think, which helps us help your pup develop problem-solving skills and strengthen their mind. This can be incredibly helpful for puppies with developing brains and senior dogs who need to keep their minds young. And for the pups that fall in-between, our brain games act as the ideal mental workout to keep them sharp.

During daycare, we regularly hold doggie photoshoots with themed outfits and props, Arts & Crafts activity days to showcase their creativity, scrumptious treat days that are always a hit among attendees and fun bacon or peanut butter-flavored bubble parties. Boredom has no room here at Dogtopia of The Shire at CityLine, as it is never a dull moment at daycare!


Other than our large protected outdoor space where pups can play in a safe, clean environment, all the playrooms at our facility are indoors. This comes with several benefits, one of the more obvious being there’s less mess! With weather not getting in our way, pups can play freely without trekking home dirt and mud when they are picked up. This is not always the case when your pup plays at a dog park!

Another benefit of our indoor playrooms is that each dog is separated into a designated room based on their size and play style. This helps us ensure that pups have the freedom to be their best doggie selves in an environment that supports rather than intimidates them. Our Toybox playroom is where our smaller pups thrive, our Gym playroom is for big dogs to roam and play and our Romper Room is for medium-size dogs with a bit more playtime energy.

Being around like-minded dogs creates less boredom, as pups can feel comfortable socializing with one another while also increasing the opportunity to build lasting friendships with other dogs that match their personality. Socialization helps dogs reduce anxiety, develops confidence and reduces the likelihood of destructive behavior around the house. Our indoor playrooms become the go-to hangout spot for pups as they tap into their natural pack instincts.

Within each playroom is our team of Canine Coaches – experts in doggie behavior. Thanks to their thorough, four-part training process that has been approved by the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants and the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers, along with rigorous training from a Canine Behaviorist, our Coaches can detect even the smallest changes in behavior through dogs’ body language. As a result, they are quick to address any potential concerns in the playroom before they even start, and can thoughtfully engage with dogs to redirect their attention to more productive activities. After all, our Coaches are fun facilitators; they organize the brain games, agility exercises and activities that your pup enjoys, host our flavored bubble parties and are there to ensure your dog has The Most Exciting Day Ever with us in a way that prioritizes their safety and well-being.

Since our Coaches spend such a great deal of time around our daycare dogs, they get to know them well and can provide occasional report cards to pet parents based on how their pup behaved during the day. It will also include how they interacted with the furry friends they made and their general behavior. For the pups that are regular daycare attendees, pet parents can receive tips and tricks to replicate some of the basic training we teach, which can be continued at home.


For pups to have fun, they need to feel safe and comfortable in the space they are in, especially since they are incredibly intelligent and are often in-tune with their environment. To ensure they feel at ease in our space, we paid close attention to how we constructed our playrooms. First, we outfitted our floors with a compressed rubberized material, which helps promote the long-term health of dogs’ hips, joints and paws. This type of flooring is also odor-resistant and non-absorbent, which allows our team to easily keep it clean. Compared to floors made out of gravel, cement or pebbles, which you might find at other doggie daycares, we wanted flooring that would feel good on dogs’ paws, especially since they are on them all day.

The separation of our playrooms is not only to keep like-minded pups together, but also to ensure we prevent and contain doggie airborne viruses. We use full walls to keep each playroom enclosed and separate, which are also soundproof to help eliminate any playtime sounds from other rooms. That way, pups can focus on one another and all the tail-wagging fun they are having in each room. This type of playroom also allows our high-tech HVAC systems to do their magic, keeping each room climate controlled with constant fresh air circulation.

As our pups are playing, learning, exercising and socializing in playrooms that support their comfort and well-being, we ensure that surfaces are sanitized multiple times a day by our team who follow the guidelines set by Dogtopia’s Environmental Biologist and Veterinary Scientist. We use doggie-safe cleaning products in addition to the spot cleaners needed throughout the day.

One of the very first safety steps we take to ensure our daycare dogs are playing in a protected environment is through our Meet & Greet evaluation. This quick yet thorough assessment is conducted by our trained evaluator who determines if our off-leash, open play environment is the right fit for your pup. We will perform an overall wellness check by assessing your dog’s physical health during a nose-to-tail evaluation, and we will also review their health history.

All dogs must be at least 12 weeks old and up to date with their vaccinations (i.e., Rabies, DHLPP, Bordetella, etc.). If you require any assistance with your pup’s vaccine records, we are more than willing to ask your vet for that information. If your pup is at least seven months old, they must be spayed or neutered. Additionally, if you just adopted your dog, we recommend waiting at least 30 days before visiting our facility to ensure they first feel comfortable in their new home before exposing them to a new daytime setting.

During the Meet & Greet, our team will put together a mini-play space to assess how your pup responds to like-minded friends and our staff’s interaction. Since our home-style crates are used during naptime and possibly overnight for our boarding dogs, we will also check their comfort level during this time. While your pup becomes more familiar with our space, we also want to meet with you as well. We want our pet parents to feel confident in us, so our knowledgeable team will answer any questions you may have and will show you around our spacious facility so you can rest assured your pup is in safe, capable hands.

Dogtopia has created several Commitments to Safety that we follow. They include:

  • 8-10 hours of open play to promote healthy socialization and learning and exercise
  • A universal vow to treat each dog at our space like a member of the family
  • Supporting a charitable cause that enables dogs to give back to humanity through our Dogtopia Foundation
  • Effective in-store cleaning products created specifically with your dog’s safety in mind
  • Certified Canine Coaches trained to manage and educate all breeds of dogs
  • Home-style crates for resting, feeding and overnight stays


Our daycare dogs are with us in the early morning, starting their day by getting to know the other furry daycare guests in their designated playroom. Our Canine Coaches then spring into action to get pups engaged in agility exercises and brain games, while also allowing them the opportunity to create bonds with other pups.

After a full morning of play, our daycare dogs break at noon for lunch and a well-deserved nap, while remaining in the playroom they just played in to encourage familiarity. This is their chance to recharge their batteries, fuel up on food and take any needed medication, as directed by their pet parent. This time is also our team’s chance to clean the playroom so that it is sparkling for the next play session. Dogs are back to playing at 2 p.m., now with their restored energy. They spend the rest of the afternoon exercising, learning, playing and socializing until they are picked up at the end of the day. Pet parents know and appreciate that their pooped pup is ready to catch some Zs as soon as they get home – something we call the Dogtopia Daze.

During the day, pet parents can tune into all the daycare fun through our livestream webcams. Being away from your furry family member is never easy, even if it is for a short duration. To help, our webcams allow pet parents to catch all the doggie smiles and tail wags through our free mobile app or website. Private to only pet parents with a dog in daycare, our livestream runs during playtime hours, except for the noontime break our dogs take to eat and rest.

Many of our pet parents add a spa trip added to their dog’s day. Whether your dog requires necessary treatments, such as a nail trim or teeth brushing or a well-deserved bath time massage, you can choose from our variety of treatments performed by our expert spa team trained in making dogs of any size and breed comfortable.


Owners Edgar and Ron welcome Texas pet parents to our facility. We serve the neighborhoods and counties around us, including Wylie, Plano, Murphy and more, and are proud of our local relationships with nearby businesses and pet-friendly apartments.

Located at 2121 Infocom Dr., we are situated next to the E President George Bush highway, which makes the commute to our facility a breeze, especially on your way to and from work. No need to worry about parking, as we have a big parking lot all for our store.

Drop your pup off at daycare as you explore the restaurants and entertainment that CityLine has to offer, see a show at the Eisemann Center for the Performing Arts, spend time at the Plato Aquatic Center or Heights Recreation Center, or have fun at Class Axe Throwing Dallas, all only a short drive away from our facility. Your pup will have a fun day with us, you and your family should too!

If you are ready to schedule your dog’s daycare visit, call us at 469-202-0787 and our team will get you and your four-legged companion on the right track. You can also use our convenient contact form if you want to learn more about the services that we offer at Dogtopia of The Shire at CityLine.

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