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If this is your pup’s first time at Dogtopia, there are a few things pet parents should prepare prior to rewarding your dog with the most exciting day ever!

As Dogtopians, we're a unique breed, we love and care for your pup like our own furry family.

At Dogtopia, our passion is giving every single dog the best-individualized care with their health, safety, and comfort as our top priority! Our home away from home environment is the perfect place for your pup to learn, play, and socialize with their BFFF (Best Furry Friend Forever).

Meet the Team

Mary, Operations Manager

Erik, General Manager

Chloe #1, Store Manager

My name is Chloe and I am the store manager! I have been working with dogs since I was young and have been with Dogtopia since September of 2019. I have four rescue mutts, one of which I brought to Dogtopia before I worked here! My favorite room to work with is the Romper kids because of their never ending energy but I love each and every dog who walks through our front door as my own. <3

Hannah, Assistant Manager

My name is Hannah, I am the assistant manager, and I have been with Dogtopia since March of 2020. I have three dogs who I absolutely adore and a cat I tolerate. I have been a dog lover since a child and I have worked with dogs my entire adult life. My favorite breed are the pit bulls and the Romper room is my favorite room to work with!

Le'Jayla, Shift Leader

My name is Jayla and I have been with Dogtopia for almost a year. I have loved dogs since birth and am an inspiring Veterinarian. My favorite playroom is the Gym and the trouble makers are my favorite to work with! I have a small yorkie/shih tzu mix named Major and he loves coming to work with me.

Tocaia, Shift Leader

My name is Tocaia! I’m the one that spoils your babies rotten and lives to tell you about it. I’ve been with Dogtopia since 2021 and have fallen in love with each and every pup that enters the building. I have two crazy kids of my own named Mabelline & Dazie. I also claim all of the Gym kids as my sons and daughters and the Romper kids as my nieces and nephews. They have all stolen my heart.

Chloe G, Shift Leader

My name is Chloe and I have been an animal lover for as long as I can remember. I grew up in the area and have lived here all of my life. I enjoy traveling the world and have been to multiple different countries. I have two sweet pibbles named Gardenia and Zori and a bearded dragon named Carter! My favorite room is the toybox and my favorite breed are the beagle babes.

Bischon Frise Running in Dogtopia
Big dog on Dogtopia playroom equipment
Pup with Tongue Out in Bath
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