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7285 E. Tanque Verde Rd., Tucson, Arizona 85715

5 Star Rating - 205 reviews

Staff is friendly and passionate about their jobs.

Kind people, good customer service

Barbie enjoys her weekly visits!

All the handlers and trainers there are incredible. They always treat my dog really well being happy when she arrives and even sad when she leaves. I’ve left her there for boarding multiple times sometimes for long periods of time and every time she comes back happy and healthy. I trust them to take care of and love my dog.

Great staff

The staff is amazing …. their love of our puppies and desire to please their owners is obvious and so very appreciated.

Most importantly is what our dog, Chance thinks of Dogtopia. He loves it! ❤️ He loves playing with his doggie friends and all of his “Hooman” coaches. He rates Dogtopia a 10

My dog, Otto loves it! He plays the entire time with his friends and then comes home completely exhausted.

It’s a perfect overnight when needed and a great bath. The services include everything he needs with lots of love. It’s his home away from home.

My dog enjoys going to Dogtopia. She heads to the door as soon as she can leave the car. I enjoy the interaction between her and the staff.

Friendly customer service that is always on point.

Dogtopia of Tanque Verde

Dogtopia is the leading destination for dog daycare, boarding and spa services. Our mission is to make sure your four-legged family members are kept safe and have a fun time when they are at our modern, open-play facility.

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