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$52/night w/Enrollment membership or $58 w/Non-Enrollment membership

Home sweet home away from home where I can have my own blanket and doggie personal space.

Give yourself peace of mind on your next trip by knowing that your dog is being showered with affection and enjoying fun-filled days of exercise while you’re away. You can rest easy with the knowledge that your dog won’t be stuck at home alone, and you won’t have to worry about the invasion of privacy which can occur when you invite someone to provide care in your home.

Dogs who board at Dogtopia of Plano are treated to over 10 hours of open-play with their BFFFs (Best Furry Friends Forever). We have several options for boarding accommodations:

  • Standard boarding: dogs sleep peacefully in home-style crates, which are situated in the same familiar playroom where they’ve played and napped during the day with their pack.
  • VIP suites: a more private option.
  • Luxury suites: available for large breeds or sleepovers with siblings.

Our motto is 100% transparency. That’s why we offer live webcams, which allow you to check in on your pup throughout the day, even if you’re in different cities.

Dogtopia of Plano’s caring team of professionals will take every step to ensure that your dog is happy, healthy and comfortable during their time with us. We encourage pet parents to bring any bedding their dog is used to, as having something familiar may alleviate homesickness or separation anxiety. We also recommend bringing your pup’s regular food to maintain their normal diet.  Boarding checkin time is 2:00 pm or after.  Early checkin’s will be charged a half day of daycare.  Boarding checkout time is prior to 12:00 pm (noon).  Late checkout’s will be charged an additional half day of daycare.


We are dedicated to keeping your dog safe and happy. Before you book your dog’s boarding stay, please bring them to Dogtopia of Plano so our caring team can conduct a personal meet and greet for your dog and determine if they are the right fit for our open-play, off-leash environment.

All dogs that stay with us must be up to date on vaccinations and be free of fleas, ticks and any contagious diseases. If you have a puppy, your puppy must be at least three months old and current on required vaccinations. We require that all dogs seven months and older are spayed or neutered.

If your dog is boarding with us for the first time and is not a Dogtopia daycare dog, we require at least three days of daycare prior to your boarding stay. This allows your dog to get familiar with the playroom, the other dogs, the staff and most importantly, lets her know you are coming back to pick her up and that Dogtopia is a fun, temporary place to stay!  Also if your pup has previous boarded or been to daycare, but has not been to daycare or boarded with us in the past 6 months, we require one full day of daycare prior to your boarding stay to ensure your pup gets refamiliar with the daycare routine and new dogs.

Add Spa Services To Their Stay

Turn your dog’s boarding stay into a true vacation for them by adding spa services to their overnight or weekend boarding package. Whether you opt for teeth brushing, nail clipping, ear cleaning, bathes, or massages, your pup will be pampered and relaxed during their time with us, and will look like a million bones when you pick them up.

Book Your Dog’s Boarding Stay

Whether you need boarding for one night or an extended period of time, we have a variety of boarding options available. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will work closely with you to determine which of our packages is best suited to both you and your dog. Please contact us to book in advance as space for overnight boarding is limited.

Please note that any dogs that stay with us must have up-to-date vaccinations and be free of fleas, ticks and any contagious diseases.

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    A Happy Boarding Guest

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