Yes! We are open to help your pup have the Most Exciting Day Ever! Our morning carpool drop off remains open so we will come get your pup from the car and in the afternoons we will bring your pup out when you arrive - or our lobby is open if you want to come greet your pup after a fun day in daycare! Please follow the local mask ordinance if entering the lobby. Making EVERY day the most exciting day ever!

The Woodlands North Grooming

Squeaky clean, smelling fresh & looking like a million bones.


Grooming services are available by appointment – Monday thru Saturday during normal daycare business hours. Call our daycare center at 832-308-3664 to schedule an appointment.

Dog grooming is more than just running a brush through your dog’s fur. It requires training and a detail-oriented, caring pet professional to make sure every part of your dog is attended to!

Taylor spent four years studying animal science at a special Technical School in Spring, chased her passion for grooming and has been grooming pups for the past six years. Taylor’s passion for animals, helping them look and feel great is a perfect fit for Dogtopia where we live out our Noble Cause and MAKE EVERY DAY THE MOST EXCITING DAY EVER!

Bischon Frise Running in Dogtopia
Big Doggie on Slide
Pup with Tongue Out in Bath