doggy daycare breed restrictions

doggy daycare breed restrictionsAre there breed restrictions at doggy daycare at Dogtopia?  Look at our pictures on social media and this blog- it’s pretty safe to assume there isn’t, since you’ll see all shapes and sizes!  We do not have ANY restrictions on breeds at our locations, unlike some other doggy daycare locations.

We do, however, restrict based on temperament.  Dogs who are coming in for a ‘meet & greet’ are evaluated by our trained staff- we’re looking for signs of aggression, and how much they’ll enjoy the open play concept at Dogtopia.  It’s rare for a dog to “fail”, but it does happen.  And that’s ok! Some dogs just aren’t comfortable with open play, and some dogs aren’t comfortable with crates (we use these for nap time, feeding, and time outs). We understand that every dog is different, not based on breed, but based on their personality and personal preferences.  For instance, some senior pups who have been used to living alone and sleeping on the sofa all day simply aren’t interested in having other dogs in their face begging to play.  Sometimes those dogs will STILL be comfortable at Dogtopia, because we’re able to manage their personal space and watch them to make sure they aren’t stressed.  However, sometimes that same kind of dog may want absolutely NOTHING to do with open play- in which case, Dogtopia might not be the best fit right now.

So, what if your dog ‘fails’ the meet & greet evaluation process at doggy daycare?

Never fear!  Also, don’t take it personally.  This isn’t a true ‘failure’, it’s just a preference your dog has.

We recommend socializing your dog and ‘working up to it’ to get them ready for open play doggy daycare if they’ve failed their meet & greet evaluation.  Take your dog around other dogs that they know, and walk them around town. Go to dog parks when you know the dogs there, or when there’s one or two other dogs.  Help your friend feel comfortable with stimulation and the behavior and interaction that it common in our doggy daycare.

Worried about the doggy daycare evaluation?

Don’t be!  This is not a formal test.  This is just our way of making sure that your pup will be happy here.  As a concerned pet parent, you want the best for them- and we strive to make sure that you’re making the right choice for your pup from day 1.

Breed Restrictions at Doggy Daycare

If you’ve been banned from another doggy daycare due to breed restrictions, we encourage you to schedule a meet & greet and tour of our facility.  Again, we DO NOT, and WILL NEVER, impose breed restrictions at doggy daycare.  We believe there’s nothing to fear from all the ‘scary’ breeds that other places may ban, including pitbulls, rottweilers, dobermans, and German shepherds.  They’re all great dogs!  We will work with you to see if your dog is a good fit, and make recommendations if they’re not.  There’s no harm in trying!