pet boarding near me utica mi

pet boarding near me utica mi
It was all smiles in our toybox today, and our pet boarding clients were super happy to get out and play!

We at Dogtopia always see a surge in requests around the holidays for pet boarding services, with many dog parents finding our locations after searching for ‘pet boarding near me‘. We think that’s great! However, when the phone calls come rushing in around the holidays and after during the winter months, some pet parents aren’t entirely sure what to expect with our pet boarding services. Some who have never come to Dogtopia before are shocked to see how amazing our facility is, and are eager to get booked- only to find that we’re full!  That’s why we’re exploring this topic, so that we can get everyone accommodated early before the need for pet boarding arises.

Our pet boarding services are likely the best choice near you.  We’re not a huge facility, instead focusing on quality over quantity.  Our pet boarding clients get to enjoy our doggie daycare services, which allow these happy dogs to run around with other dogs of the same size and temperament. Compare this directly to more conventional pet boarding services, like those that you may have used in the past. Pet boarding in the past has meant your beloved dog spends the time either in a metal cage, or in  a long dog run.  If you’ve ever had to board your dog in one of these facilities, you and your dog both will be amazed at how much more comfortable and homey our facilities feel.  If your dog, like many, sleeps in a crate at home, they’ll love the fact that they’re sleeping in a crate at Dogtopia as well!  You can even bring their bed and some toys to keep them company and prevent any ‘homesick’ feelings. While some more modern

pitbull dog boarding near me utica mi
Pitbulls are so smiley! We love our “pibble” clients and they love our pet boarding services!

facilities keep dogs in a crate with a little time for play, Dogtopia of Utica gives dogs 10 hours of open play during the day plus night play set aside for our overnight guests. It’s fabulous fun for dogs of all ages!

If you’re interested, we strongly suggest booking a tour and meet & greet with your pup as soon as possible. Our boarding spaces fill up pretty quickly during the holidays and winter break, and we really want to make sure you get a spot.  By coming in early your dog will get a sense of how fun doggie daycare is, and you’ll be able to be ‘first in line’ for pet boarding near you!

toy breed dog boarding near me utica mi
Toy dogs and shy dogs often like to play together during our open play doggie daycare for overnight pet boarding clients.