diy self serve dog wash in utica mi for large breed dogs

diy self serve dog wash in utica mi for large breed dogs
Large breed dogs are a special challenge to bathe, and our DIY dog wash stations have exactly what you’re looking for!

Imagine, if you will, giving a fully grown St Bernard a bath in your tub at your home.

St Bernard’s can get up to well over 100lbs, and have thick luxurious fur.  Now, imagine this additional tidbit:  your tub is small, and your St Bernard doesn’t like being picked up into the bath.

Sounds like a treat, right?

DIY Dog Wash for Large Breeds

Our diy dog wash services are a favorite for pet parents with large breeds like German Shepherds, Labradors, and more.  Giving small and medium size dogs a bath at home can be a chore, but giving a large or giant breed a bath can be a challenge.  If you have back problems, this is exacerbated when trying to help your dog into the tub, as well as when you have to lean over and scrub them down.  That’s why pet parents love our tubs – they’re designed so that you don’t have to lean over, and your dog can walk right up!  We also have an area where you can hook your dog into the tub so you don’t have to hold them in place while trying to scrub them down.  No shampoo?  No problem!  We make sure that we keep a stockpile of luxury shampoo on hand to get pooches squeaky clean.

What About My Now Wet Dog?

Nobody likes a wet dog, except for maybe the wet dogs themselves.  Washing your dog at home means that when you’re done, you’re toweling them off and they’re running out of the bathroom as fast as they can to jump all over their furniture and rub their wet fur onto everything you own.  Not the greatest experience!  When bringing your dog to Dogtopia for our DIY dog bathing services, though, you can dry your pup off here.  Keep in mind that dogs with long and thick fur may take much longer to dry off.  Bring towels to cover your car seats just in case you don’t want to stick around long enough to ensure that they’re completely dry!

Can You Wash My Dog For Me?

Absolutely!  Call our location to make sure we have availability, as we book dog washes with our doggy day care clients first.  Or, book a day of doggy day care and schedule your dog wash for the end of the day!  You’ll pick up your pup after a day of play and they’ll be super clean and fresh!