puppy socialization utica mi

puppy socialization utica mi
Puppy socialization is so important. Bring your pup in this Friday for puppy socialization and you’ll enjoy our lowest price ever!

If your pup is in need of socialization and has already passed our meet and greet with flying colors, then you’ll be very interested in the special deal we have this Friday the 13th!  This Friday ONLY, we’re charging $13 for doggy day care!  You MUST have a reservation, and half days are not allowed!

Why Puppy Socialization is Crucial

Puppy socialization is a huge deal, and can make or break how well your pup copes with the world when they’re an adult dog.  Your puppy needs to learn early on how to deal with new places, people and dogs.  Through puppy socialization, they will learn that ‘scary things’ aren’t so scary after all, and that they don’t need that fight or flight response when encountering something new.  They’ll learn that new dogs they meet can be their friend, and they’ll learn how to approach other dogs to make friends.  No more rude puppies!  Doggy day care is great for your pup because all the dogs have been temperament tested and proven to be safe around other dogs, meaning your pup will have a great experience with the other dogs while they’re learning the right way to behave.

Additionally, our puppy socialization during doggy day care is a great way to burn off some of that puppy energy.  The number 1 complaint from new puppy owners is that they’re too rambunctious/destructive.  They’re only that way because they’re full of life and energy!  Giving them an appropriate outlet for that energy is a great way to ensure that they behave nicely at home.

Puppy Socialization in Utica MI

For pet parents in Utica and surrounding communities, it’s sometimes hard to get your pup properly socialized.  Between dealing with traffic (the Hall rd project can finish up any time now!) on the way to work, the lack of dog parks, and few places to take your dog where they can meet other dogs, it’s difficult to find time and the right place to safely socialize your puppy.  We’re proud to be able to offer puppy socialization, and we encourage your to keep bringing in your pup even after they stay growing up.  We know they’ll love it here at Dogtopia, and you’ll love the benefits of them getting exercise and socialization all day!

Ready to get started?  Contact us today!