ENROLL IN OUR NEXT PUPPY PRESCHOOL NOW! August 4 – August 27 (Tuesdays/Thursdays) | $285 | Your pup can enjoy puppy-only daycare play in a safe and structured environment for early socialization and learning. We’ll practice crate training and cues like sit, down and off, as well as discouraging jumping, nipping and other unwanted puppy behaviors. For puppies under 7 months.

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30 Jefferson Blvd, Warwick, Rhode Island 02888

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– Forced break at noon. This is very important to me and it’s so hard to find a doggy daycare that offers forced breaks. Dogs are not supposed to play with other dogs for 8-9 hours straight, especially if they attend daycare multiple times a week like my dog does. Being created at lunch also reinforces my dog’s crate behavior
– Clean and brand-new facility
– Staff is always nice and friendly
– Webcam
– Pictures of my dog. I already have a few on the fridge and look forward to collecting more!


– I really love sending my dog here. If I have to be extra nick picky, I’d say no one seems to care about mask wearing and social distancing rules at the facility. I’ve seen multiple staff members very close to each other in the same room without masks on. I’ve also seen customers not wearing a mask but are still allowed in the building.

– Special requests don’t seem to always reach the playroom attendants. For example, I ask that my dog be crated at 3.30pm every day. While the front desk staff told me this request has been added to my dog’s file, my dog is still roaming around in the playroom long after 3.30pm on some days.

Everyone is so friendly and helpful. I like the idea of being able to see what my dog is doing in the camera’s from the app. Building if big and spotless.

Friendly staff. I know my dog is happy and safe so I can relax and focus on my work. I can check in on the webcam and see hes having fun.

Clean and professional.

It appears that the staff really care about the dogs under their care. The facility is clean, well organized, and well managed.

Very clean facilities. Employees seem very knowledgeable about dogs and dog behavior. They also seem like they are all happy to be working there 🙂

Clean and durable facilities.

Attentive and professional staff.

Well-trained personnel.

I love that I can check in on my puppy with the webcam! The best feature of going to Dogtopia.

Thank you for caring for my dog!

I Love all the special events you always have planned.🤗

My dog seems to love it! After the initial day, she seemed to adjust. By the third day she was actually interacting with other dogs. It keeps her busy and she is quieter when she returns home

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