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5213 Homberg Dr, Knoxville, Tennessee 37919

4.9 Star Rating - 250 reviews

wish you had an outdoor area, dog seems to like daycare with outdoor area more in dt knox.

You are kind to the dogs and to their family. Your services are easy to request, and my dog enjoys being there.

The staff is friendly and very accommodating.

Everybody is so friendly, and I can tell our pup Cali loves spending the day there. She gets so excited as soon as she recognizes we’re going there in the car. She literally pulls me to the front door from the car. Emily at the front desk is always so welcoming and pleasant. The other team members are great too. We just don’t have the exposure to all of them as much as we do Emily at the front desk. However, there is one team member named Coley I’d like to single out and recognize. She always greats us with a big smile and we can tell she really loves our pup Cali. Seeing her there always makes us feel especially good when we drop Cali to her. Overall, we are extremely happy to have Cali at Dogtopia of Bearden. Thank you for the opportunity to review,

All of the people working there are fantastic! They are kind and seem to genuinely care about your dog! The place is clean and my pup loves to go!

Your staff is so kind and friendly. You treat our dog with so much love and we enjoy being able to check in on her throughout the day. We also like the added services of grooming and boarding and both are reasonably priced. Thank you for taking care of our pup, we really appreciate all that you do!

Everyone enjoys what they do. They also k ow all the dogs by name. My dog gets to socialize and play w other dogs and always comes home and goes to sleep. 😀

I like that when we board our dog, she gets to play all day vs sitting in a kennel like some places do.

I love the people, the care, the services, and the confidence they give me when I drop my furry child that she will be taken care of.

Plus-theirs baths are fabulous!!

Lucy loves taking a bath and getting her nails trimmed twice a month. It is so convenient for her mom and dad. She also loves the personalized care she gets. She especially loves celebrating all the holidays and the pictures she gets. Her mom loved the special Mothers Day gift from Lucy. Her mom will cherish the mug with the paw prints on it forever.

Abigail seems to like coming there. I like that I can see her during the day with webcam and you provide kongs and protein bowls plus events! All the staff seem nice and caring about the pups!

Dogtopia of Bearden-Knoxville

Dogtopia is the leading destination for dog daycare, boarding and spa services. Our mission is to make sure your four-legged family members are kept safe and have a fun time when they are at our modern, open-play facility.

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