dog kennel in birmingham mi

dog kennel in birmingham mi
Murphy loves our dog kennel and dog daycare!

The holidays will soon be upon us, and as such it’s important to start planning for your pup’s accommodations while you’re away. You may have even started calling local dog kennels in Birmingham, especially if you’re a pet owner who has run into the problem of no availability for dog boarding before! It’s prudent to start looking into places to board your dog now, so that you have a good feel for the options available before you select one.  Plan on having your dog boarding kennel space reserved before October to ensure that you get an available spot!!

When picking a dog boarding facility, it’s important to think about how your selection is going to impact your dog.  Obviously safety is a top concern, and you should only select a place that has a strong record of safety and a great safety protocol in place.  If you stop into our Birmingham location, we’ll be happy to take you for a tour and discuss how we make safety priority #1 at Dogtopia.  Additionally, you’ll want to consider if the facility minimizes stress for your dog.  What that means is thinking about the boarding experience from your dogs perspective, and how they’ll take being away from hoe and family while you’re traveling.  Dog kennel stress can really affect your dogs health, exactly the same way that stress affects people.  Stressed dogs sometimes refuse to eat, have trouble sleeping, may pace and shiver, and exhibit behaviors that just don’t fit with their normal cheerful personality.  Even worse, the stress can reduce the ability to fight off illnesses, which leaves your dog susceptible to catching a cold.  So what can a pet parent do to prevent this?

The short answer is to select a boarding facility that takes dogs happiness seriously.  At Dogtopia, our dog boarding clients take part in our daily dog day care, which is an open play session with other dogs and staff members that allows your pup to romp and exercise.  Our day care is top notch, and a great way to keep your dog occupied while you’re away.  Because they exercise and are stimulated all day, it makes it easy for them to rest up every night, safe and sound in

dog boarding dog kennel in birmingham mi
Dogs who get used to coming to doggy day care before boarding at a dog kennel are happier when they need to stay overnight.

a dog crate like you would use at home.  Overnight dog boarding clients are encouraged to bring bedding, toys, and familiar objects to comfort their pup and remind them of home.  We strongly encourage all dog boarding clients to purchase a package of dog day care sessions prior to dropping off their pup for extended dog kennel time.  This allows your dog to get used to coming to Dogtopia and associating it with fun and play, gently easing them into the experience of boarding.  They’ll get used to the sights, sounds, and smells of our facility, and come to love the time they spend here with their doggy day care friends and our attentive staff.  Even better, they’ll KNOW that you’re coming back for them, and get far more comfortable with the experience of being dropped off before their boarding experience.

Think your pup will need dog boarding this holiday season?  Come in for a meet & greet at our Birmingham location and buy a package of dog daycare sessions to get your pup used to the Dogtopia experience!  Read our reviews on Google and you’ll see that dogs and pet parents alike LOVE Dogtopia of Birmingham!