dog day care birmingham mi

dog day care birmingham mi
Your dog will love spending their day at dog day care!

October culminates in Halloween, and kids (and parents!) everywhere are excited about it.  Halloween lets the creative juices flow, and fun costumes only barely play second fiddle to copious amounts of candy from trick or treating! It’s a great day for family to walk around, see all the spooky decorations in their neighborhood, and have a fun time.  Some dogs even get involved, and pet costume sales soared to 370 million back in 2012. However, for every dog that love playing dress up and can participate in Halloween fun, there are others that may be terrified of it.  For those dogs, dog day care and overnight boarding is a mart solution to ensure your pups safety and happiness.

Avoid Halloween Disasters with Your Dog

Imagine how confusing Halloween is for some dogs.  Strangers are coming to the door repeatedly, yelling.  These strangers don’t look like normal people either, many of them have scary masks on!  The pet parent keeps giving these strangers delicious smelling candy after they bang on the door, and yet won’t let their beloved (and absolutely starving!) pup have any.  How awful!  Combine the masks, small children, darkness and yelling, strange sounds, and tempting toxic candy and it’s a recipe for disaster for many dogs.   As a rule dogs and small children don’t mix- your dog might love your kids, but when they’re strangers knocking on their door at night with scary masks on, it’s a big difference.  Likewise, chocolate and raisins and other toxic treats that are passed out at Halloween are very bad BUT very tempting for your dog.  Unless you’re keeping an eye on the candy at all times, it’s best to keep your pup away from it.

Dog Boarding and Dog Day Care for Halloween

If you’re a pet parent who plans on partaking of the Halloween festivities, we encourage you to check out our dog day care and an overnight boarding as an option for your pup.  Your dog will be safe and sound at our dog day care center, playing in a room with dogs of similar size and temperament. You can check in on them throughout the day too by accessing our web cams, so you’ll know they’re having a great time away from home.  With your pup at day care, that gives you time to get your human kids all decked out in their costumes before sunset, without any stress of having to keep your pup occupied.  If you elect to let them stay overnight, they’ll sleep in a comfy dog crate in the same room they were playing in, and since they’ll be “Dogtopia tired” from their day of play they’ll sleep peacefully through the night.  Either way, Dogtopia is a great partner in your Halloween prep!