doggy day care near me birmingham mi

doggy day care near me birmingham mi
Silly pups playing at doggy day care in Birmingham, MI

The holidays are rapidly approaching, and as wonderful as they are it’s also a time of stress for ourselves and our pets.  Dogs in particular have a hard time during the holidays.  So many tempting new smells, sights, sounds, and people!  From a dogs perspective the holiday season can be incredibly overwhelming, and temptations and confusion might cause your beloved pup to get in trouble.  With that in mind, it’s no wonder that doggy day care is so appealing to pet parents in Birmingham, MI.  By reserving your spot at a doggy day care near you, your pup will be out of the house and safe away from tempting dinner prep, fascinating decorations, and visiting strangers.

Why Doggy Day Care is Great During the Holidays

Doggy day care at Dogtopia combines with dog boarding for overnight holiday visits.  For instance, we’re seeing many pet parents purchase our low cost 5 day dog day care package to use for days leading up to Thanksgiving, then adding on an overnight boarding stay for the holiday itself.  This lets you keep your pup out from under your feet while you get the house ready for company, and keeps your pup happy and busy with their dog friends.  Holidays are full of obligations, and by picking Dogtopia for doggy day care your obligation to your dog is fulfilled.

If you’re thinking of boarding your dog for the holidays, we urge you to contact us now to get your pup acclimated to the Dogtopia open-play dog day care style and reserve your spot for boarding well ahead of the time you need it.  Act fast, we fill up early!