high energy dog breeds need exercise, especially golden retrievers in birmingham mi

high energy dog breeds need exercise, especially golden retrievers in birmingham mi
Mingo, a high energy golden retriever puppy, is growing bigger and bigger every day. Today he graduated from Toybox to the Romper room. He likes hanging out with the big kids!

Those pet parents with high energy dog breeds can sometimes become frustrated with how difficult they are to manage.  We’ve all heard the old saying, “a good dog is a tired dog”. Well, tiring out a high energy dog is… tiring! Those breeds with an abundance of energy have a hard time adjusting to apartment life, or sedentary lifestyles. If you’re not a runner, or providing your pup with a “job” to keep them occupied, high energy breeds can get frustrated and bored easily.

High Energy Dog Breed List

The AKC claims these dogs are the highest energy of the bunch. Is your dog breed on the list?

There’s a trend there: many are working breeds. Poodles, while they might not be a typical “working” dog, are smart and athletic.  It’s important to note that new breeds, like goldendoodles and labradoodles, aren’t featured on the list because they aren’t recognized by the AKC as a breed.  However, any goldendoodle owner can tell you, they do combine the high energy levels and intelligence of both golden retrievers and poodles!  The list certainly isn’t comprehensive.

Does your dog have high energy levels?  If you’re a basset hound owner, you can probably stop reading here. 🙂 But if your pup likes to go, go GO all the time, read on to find out how you can help them release that energy.

High Energy Dog Breeds Exercise Needs

High energy dogs needs a combination of mental & physical exercise, far more than your average pup.  Some pet parents opt to walk their dog leisurely in the morning before work, as well as after work- with a high energy dog, this often isn’t enough.  High energy dogs love long, vigorous games of fetch, jogging, maybe even playing tug of war.  Dogs like German Shepherds were bred to herd, so they long for extended periods of activity- if they were herding, they’d be active literally all day.  A husky was born to pull and run! They’re not happy lounging around a house all day with nothing to do, and a short walk in the morning is usually not enough for them to feel satisfied when left alone.  Retrievers, as their name implies, were meant to retrieve while hunting, an activity that would keep them alert and on their feet for long periods of time.

Activities that help high energy dogs include:

  • jogging
  • running
  • long games of fetch
  • intense tug of war
  • dog day care

Why Dog Day Care is Great for High Energy Dogs

Dog day care meets the needs of high energy dogs in so many ways.  While they do get a break from activity, the vast majority of their day is spent up and active, playing with other dogs and people.  In a nice facility like Dogtopia, they have room to run, whether that be in the play rooms or in our outdoor play area.  We incorporate toys, bed, and climbable items for the dogs to interact with. For high energy dogs who get frustrated with ‘down time’, we can even provide a kong with treats inside to keep them busy while in their crate!

If your dog is a high energy breed, we highly recommend you call us and schedule a tour.  You’ll love the difference Dogtopia makes in your pets life!