puppy socializatoin birmingham mi

puppy socializatoin birmingham mi
Can you blame us for loving that pet parents bring their pups here for puppy socialization?

Bringing a new puppy home is an exciting time, and filled with ‘firsts’! After you’ve gotten your basic supplied like a bed, food, leash and collar, it’s time to start thinking about less tangible basics, like puppy training and socialization. Puppy socialization is essential to your pups wellbeing, and the first step on the path to being a great dog. Socialization will help your new fuzzy bff learn doggy manners, how to act in public, and how to interact with other dogs. It’s a crucial step in their development, and one that will pay off for the life of your pet.

Some ways to socialize your puppy include:

  • Puppy training classes
  • Dog park play time
  • Meeting friends/family
  • Taking them to dog friendly locations
  • Puppy day care!

All of the above work together to socialize your pup, and each play a different role in the process. For instance, puppy training classes strengthen the bond between you and your pup, and teach them critical skills that will keep them safe and keep you sane. Training is often the first step new pet parents take to socialize their pup, but it’s important to note that it’s not the end of the road!  Training classes don’t allow your puppy to play with the other puppies, and they don’t increase their exposure to new and interesting things.

Dog parks can be used in conjunction with training to allow your puppy to play with other dogs. However, be sure you know the rules of the park, and you’ll want to make sure your puppy is current on their vaccinations! Dog parks can be overwhelming for small pups, as there’s no telling what size & temperament the dogs in the park will be. Be careful and alert, and don’t allow your puppy to become bullied or fearful of the other dogs. Good dog parks in the area include

Puppy day care socialization birmingham mi
Puppy day care allows dogs of the same size/temperament to socialize safely.

the Wagner Park Dog Run and Mark Twain Park.

Your friends and family are undoubtedly excited to meet your puppy, and seeing them regularly is an excellent way to get your puppy used to people.  Make sure children know how to be gentle with your pup to avoid any fearful reactions, and schedule your meetings with friends and family after exercising your pup so that they’ll be calmer and more receptive to petting.

New experiences are always exciting, and your puppy is sure to love going to all the dog friendly places in the area. Walk them around downtown Birmingham, or use pick some dog friendly places off this list to visit. Short visits and walks are a good idea so that your puppy gets used to the sights and sounds gradually.

Doggy day care / puppy day care is a safer alternative to dog parks for open play socialization.  Dogtopia doggy day care happens in a controlled, supervised enviroment, and only dogs who have passed our rigorous temperament test and vaccination requirements can participate. With our puppy boarding option, your pup can even spend the night! You’ll love being able to drop your puppy off for the day, knowing that they’re getting the socialization they need, all while being able to check on them on our webcams.

We’d love to meet your new puppy! Contact us to schedule a tour and learn about the requirements and benefits of our doggy day care. Call us at (248) 540-3344 to set up a time to stop by.