puppy boarding services near me in birmingham mi

puppy boarding services near me in birmingham mi
Opie loves staying at Dogtopia for puppy day care and puppy boarding. He stopped to wish everyone a “Good Morning”. He’s going to back now and hang with his buds and chase birds. #MostExcitingDayEver #Dogtopia

Let’s talk about puppies for a minute.  Can they get any cuter?  Is that something that’s even possible? Can your smile get even bigger around a happy, wiggling puppy?

We’re betting it can.  Picture this:  a whole BUNCH of puppies playing together, romping, and having a great time while staying at puppy boarding and puppy day care.  And… you can watch it all happening while you’re on vacation, relaxing on a beach, not worrying about your puppy piddling on the hotel room floor or being depressed in some uncomfortable kennel while you’re away.  With out doggy day care webcams, you’re never more than a click away from checking in on your precious pup.

It’s a tough decision to take time away from your puppy, but sometimes it’s necessary.  Whether it’s a work trip, a family obligation, or just a much needed break, our puppy boarding services are a safe and comforting choice.

One of the best reasons to board your puppy with us is to continue their puppy socialization.  We’ve written about it before, but it bears repeating:  you have a narrow window of time to expose your puppy to positive experiences, such as playing with new dogs of all sizes and meeting new people in new places.  It’s essential that your socialization takes place in controlled environments where you know your pup will have nothing but good experiences, as their reaction and interaction during this time will form the basis for their behavior in the future.  By boarding your puppy with us, they’ll get to take part in our open-play doggy day care, which will add tremendous value to your puppy’s socialization.  It’s a smart strategy to leverage while you’re away.

When you decide to come in to tour our facility, you’ll notice right away just how clean & safe your puppy boarding experience will be.  No cramped kennels, no heavy dog smells in the air, strict and smart protocol at doors and during introductions.  We KNOW that you’ll have a great experience, because we’ve implemented the highest standards nationwide to ensure that our guests are safe and happy.

Additionally, our staff will get to know you and your pupper in such a way that we know just how to keep you both happy.  Does your pup need a special food?  No problem, we can accommodate special diets. Does your pup prefer the company of smaller, quieter dogs?  No worries, we’ve got that covered, we’ll make sure that they are placed in the right play group for their style and size. We aim to please at Dogtopia!  Contact us today to reserve a time to tour our facility and secure your spot for puppy boarding.