is your dog itching more in the fall? tips from doggy day care

is your dog itching more in the fall? tips from doggy day care
Is your dog itching more in the fall? We have some tips from your favorite doggy day care in Birmingham!

If your dog is itching uncontrollably right now, you should know that you’re not alone. Autumn is peak season for itchiness in dogs for several reasons. Two standouts are fleas and ragweed allergies.

Did My Dog Get Fleas at Doggy Day Care?

Fleas are prolific and are a year round issue. That’s why we require that our pet guests be current on flea and tick preventative. Flea and tick preventative makes your dog an unsuitable choice for fleas to live and feed on, thus protecting your pup from infestation. However, it’s possible that your dog can pick up fleas at any time, and for a dog with flea allergies even one bite can cause a serious reaction. Even if your dog isn’t allergic to flea bites, their chewing and scratching can become severe quickly.

If you notice your dog chewing at the base of their tail, it’s worthwhile to check them for fleas. If you own a flea comb you can do this by combing through the fur and checking for flea ‘dirt’ on a paper towel.

Doggy Day Care Tips on Dog Allergies

September is a notoriously bad month for ragweed allergies for our canine companions (as well as for people!). This type of allergy causes all over itchiness. The good news is that this allergy can be addressed by frequent, hydrating baths. That helps remove the pollen and irritants from their skin. If you don’t have a comfortable space to bathe your dog, you can always bring them to Dogtopia and use our diy dog bathing services, or request a bath after a day of doggy day care.  

Some cases of dog allergies can be so sever that they require medication. Benadryl is common as a first line of defense, but a veterinarian has many more options available. You should contact your vet if you notice your dog is in serious distress due to itching.

A smart move it to take advantage of our self serve dog wash stations – a simple bath to soothe the skin and remove environmental allergens can help!

Ask Your Doggy Day Care

We love to answer client questions! If you have anything concerning dogs that you’d like to know, leave it in the comments here and we’ll answer in another blog post!