Doesn’t it feel like the hot, dry days of summer are a million miles away?  With Winter now upon us, the long days of sunshine and outdoor activity are rapidly fading.  Luckily, that doesn’t mean that your pup has to suffer from boredom!  Doggy day care gets them up off the sofa and back to playing and exercising.

Does Your Dog Hate Rainy Days?

Some dog breeds, like Shiba Inu and Basenjis, absolutely hate wet weather.  These delicate pups dread putting a paw in a puddle!  Other breeds, like Italian Greyhounds & Chihuahuas, dislike the cool, damp, clammy weather- pet parents usually need to dress these little pups in warm clothes in order to get them out of the house for more than a moment.  Moreover, wet grey weather puts a damper on the number of dogs that show up to dog parks and regular dog outings, meaning there’s less opportunity for those dogs who are out and about to exercising and play with friends.

Do You Hate Muddy Paw Prints on Your Floor?

Pet parents dread wet fall weather for one big, universal reason: muddy paws!  Out furry friends can’t help but pick up dirt and debris on their feet when the weather is wet for an extended period of time.  Often, that translates into big brown paw prints all over the house the minute our pups come inside.  If you’re not diligent with wiping their feet before they enter your home, you’ll need to spend a good amount of time cleaning up after them as they run into the warm house.

Winter Days Are Great for Doggy Day Care

If you’ve never tried doggy day care before, now is a perfect time to try it!  Shorter days mean many pet parents are getting home from work with little to no daylight to walk their furry friend- but when your pup comes to Dogtopia, they’ll have already had a full day of exercise, socialization, and play!  Many dogs come out of doggy day care “Dogtopia-tired”, a term we coined because we see them leave with big happy tongue-out-the-side-of-their-mouth grins, ultimately getting home to relax and snooze with their beloved family.  At Dogtopia, getting your dog moving and enjoying their day is a top priority, and it shows.  Don’t let the cool, wet weather make your dogs activity schedule an afterthought- enroll in doggy day care today!

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