holiday pet boarding near me in Birmingham, MI
Avoid disaster with these tips, and consider our pet boarding for your dog!

Do you stress out during the holidays?  Are you hosting a big family get-together and you’re worried about all the work that goes into it?  If you’re stressed, your pup is probably stressed too- they pick up on our emotions, but they also tend to stress out over the same things we worry about.  Lots of activity, people coming and going, and delicious food that you just can’t eat?  It’s a recipe for disaster for some dogs.  If your pup is one of them, read on for some helpful tips on how to avoid holiday pet emergencies and keep in mind you can always bring your pup in for pet boarding instead!

Tips for a Safe Holiday

  1. Keep human food out of reach from your furry friend!  Your dog might be drooling over your food, but don’t give in to temptation or those sweet puppy eyes.  Small amounts of turkey and unsweetened pumpkin are fine to feed to your dog as a treat, but you need to make sure that you keep bones, chocolate, onions, garlic, fatty food and alcohol away.  All of those are dangerous, and can injure or make your dog sick.
  2. Keep a lid on the trash.  Your leftovers and refuse become irresistible temptations when tossed in the trash.  If you have a ‘dumpster diver’ dog, consider putting the trash in a closed room, or even outside in the garage.  Keep the lid on at all times, and if your dog is big enough to knock the trash over to get inside, you’ll need to keep an eye on him!
  3. Keep your pup distracted with a toy or treat.  Kongs are a great choice for this- you can fill them with anything safe for your dog, even canned pumpkin!  Freeze it to make it take an extra long time for your dog to get through it.
  4. Make sure their dog tags are current.  Even if your pet is microchipped, having a tag on them with your current contact information is a savvy choice in case the worst happens:  you pup runs out or escapes the yard.  With all the holiday activity you might not notice your missing friend until they’re far away, so having a tag on them ensure that when they’re found they’ll make it home quick!
  5. Keep them away from potential hazards by setting up a crate or space in a spare room in your house- or, better yet, send them to your favorite pet boarding kennel! Kenneling is an excellent option to keep your pup safe and sound during the holidays.  All those items we listed above?  No fear of those happening when your dog is boarding at Dogtopia!

Pet Boarding Options in Birmingham

If you have a dog, you have a great pet boarding option near you in Birmingham – Dogtopia!  Your dog will love staying with us, especially if they’re already familiar with our team and all the ‘regulars’ that come in for doggie day care.  If you haven’t already booked a meet and greet, we encourage you to do so as soon as possible!  Holiday dog boarding spots fill up FAST, so contact us earlier rather than later to guarantee your pup a spot.