Nothing says love like doggy day care!  It’s a great present to give to your pup, especially if they’re the kind that prefers warmer weather to play in.  Doggy day care is the perfect solution for short haired breeds that get cold easily, as it’s in a warm, climate controlled environment. But what about the cost of doggy day care? Isn’t it expensive?

What’s the Cost of Doggy Day Care?

In Birmingham the average cost of a half day of doggy day care is $20.  A full day is about $26 (with our great package deal on doggy day care).

Think about it like this:  for less than the cost of a bag of dog food, your best fur friend can have an amazing day of play at the best doggy day care in the area!

Whats the Cost of Dog Boarding?

Dog boarding cost in the area is highly variable.  But, if you want to give your pup the best possible boarding experience, you’ll want to pick a location that includes doggy day care as part of their stay.  At Dogtopia, we bundle the price together, and price runs from roughly $49 per night to $64 if you’d like your pup to stay in a luxury suite.  Compare that to boarding at a vet, which often has no play time for your pup, and you’ll see the difference!

Winter & Holiday Dog Boarding & Doggy Day Care

Take a look at all the happy faces below- your dog would look GREAT in the mix!  Sign up for a meet & greet to take a tour of our facility and learn more about our services, we’d love to show your the Dogtopia difference!  Our doggy day care is fun for all breeds and sizes of dogs- they just need to pass a simple behavior assessment to be placed in the right play group for their play style.  If you have to go out of town for the holidays, it’s a perfect time to try us out!  Come in for a meet & greet to find out how much your dog will love Dogtopia.

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