keeping dogs cool in hot weather birmingham mi

keeping dogs cool in hot weather birmingham mi
Outdoor play areas are great, but indoor play is even better at doggy daycare when the temperatures spike!

We all love spending the summer days outdoors with our pets, but being overeager in hot temperatures can be very dangerous for you and your pet. These waning days of Michigan’s summer often see temperatures skyrocketing, sometimes with uncomfortable high humidity too. It’s very important to make sure your pet constantly has cool water available all day and all night, both indoors and outdoors, as pets can get dehydrated quickly. If you keep a bowl of water in your backyard, make sure it is kept in the shade at all times. Metal bowls are not a good idea in the summer as they can get extremely hot- try a plastic or ceramic bowl instead. Knowing the warning signs of dehydration and overheating in pets is important because you can prevent serious health issues. Look out for signs of heat exhaustion in your dog; signs of overheating can include:

·         Excessive panting or trouble breathing

·         Drooling

·         Mild weakness

·         Vomiting and diarrhea

If you see any of these symptoms, take your pet to an emergency animal clinic immediately.

Many dogs love car rides but be careful; even if it’s a beautiful 85 degrees outside, the inside of the car can get up to 95-105 degrees, even with the windows down. Please do not leave your dog alone in the car, even if it’s for a minute!

Have you ever walked barefoot on the pavement or asphalt and quickly had to get off of it because it was too hot to handle? It’s the same for your dog. Before taking your dog out for a walk, place your foot or your hand on the pavement to make sure the temperature is comfortable enough for you to handle. If you can’t handle it, your dog can’t either. Take these simple precautions to help prevent your dog from overheating. If you notice any of these symptoms, seek help from your veterinarian immediately.

Too hot for fido to enjoy outside activities?  You should really consider bringing him to Dogtopia!  Our indoor group play doggie daycare is the perfect alternative to taking your pet on walks or outside during blisteringly hot summer days.  Dog socialization and exercise is crucial and doesn’t have to be put on hold due to hot weather- we’re your solution! We even have pool days when the weather is right!