small dog at doggy daycare in birmingham mi

Your dog is a family member, and as such, it’s your top concern that they’re healthy, safe, and happy.  When you’re a Dogtopia client, you can rest assured that we share the sentiment.  That’s why we’re so careful with our dog behavior evaluation screening and why we take pride in our ability to keep our daycare pups safe by providing playrooms segregated based on size and temperament.  Pet parents especially worry about small dogs at doggy daycare and the experience they might have, as other dog daycare facilities mix them into the ‘general population’, which isn’t always the best choice.

Small dogs are stereotyped to be fiesty and have a ‘big dog’ attitude.  Sometimes that’s true, and sometimes not.  That’s why the start of your relationship with Dogtopia begins by a thorough meet-and-greet style evaluation of your dog.  During our evaluation, we’re able to figure out what your dog’s play style is; for instance, does your dog like to play rough, or would they prefer to snooze most of the day and infrequently run around with their doggy pals?  Our evaluation process uncovers those dogs who may not be suited to an open play doggy daycare environment as well, which benefits everyone by keeping a dog who wouldn’t enjoy socializing at home and keeping our enthusiastically social dogs safe.  Any dog day care facility you take your pup to should do this, but it’s absolutely essential for those pet parents with small dogs or toy breeds.

We encourage you to take a quick look at our video explaining our dog behavioral evaluation process: Dog Daycare Evaluation

Toy breeds and small dogs need special attention to keep them safe and happy in dog daycare.  Most dog daycare facilities are sort of one-size-fits-all, which puts your small dog in a potentially dangerous situation. Small dogs usually experience the most fun when paired with other dogs of a similar size- it makes playing easier and less threatening.  Sensitive or timid dogs also need to have their personality taken into account, since they may feel threatened by large dogs looming over them or rough play.  Dogs who feel threatened might bite or lash out, and that can create a volatile situation in a matter of seconds.  In the end, what might seem like an unnecessary process of assessment is a crucial factor in keeping your small dog safe.


small dog doggy daycare
Fun times are happening in the toy box gym. Dolce is relaxing, Louis is making the most of his first day playing on the slide and the rest of the gang are getting to know each other better.

If you follow our Dogtopia of Bloomfield location on Facebook, you’ll notice that our small dogs are all smiles when playing in our outdoor pen and indoor play room.  We credit that to smart policies, our wonderful staff, and the open play concept that works so well at Dogtopia. Schedule your tour of our amazing facility today!  If your dog is current on their vaccinations, you can feel free to bring them with you to get the evaluation underway while we tell you about all the amazing advantages to being a Dogtopia client.