self-serve dog wash in birmingham mi

self-serve dog wash in birmingham mi
Look at the smile on this pup! Dogs and pet parents alike love our self-serve dog wash in Birmingham.

Dogtopia of Birmingham is getting ready to open its doors, and we can feel the excitement about our convenient location in Birmingham!  Smart pet parents have been asking for the sort of services we offer, especially after Canine Inn closed their doors a while back.  If you’re a former Canine Inn customer, you may have already heard about our plans to provide the high level of service you received at your former doggy daycare in Birmingham, while adding on in-demand services like dog boarding, our dog spa, and self-serve dog washes.

Our self-serve dog washes are top notch, and clients at our Bloomfield & Utica locations are already raving about them.  We’ve created a spa-like environment the both dog and pet parent love, unlike other dog wash facilities that present a sort of utilitarian look.  We take great care to ensure that you and your dog have a great experience in our dog wash room, supplying a wide variety of special shampoos for every fur type and owner preference.  If you’d like to see what we’ll look like before our doors open, we encourage you to stop in at our Dogtopia of Bloomfield location to take a tour of the facility.   
What are some of the key reasons we’re the best self-serve dog wash in Birmingham?

  • Rear entry tubs:  there is nothing quite as convenient as our rear entry tubs!  They may look like the luxurious bathtub you have at home, but the low entry point makes it a breeze to lead your dog up and into the tub.  Weak backs welcome- you won’t need to pick up your dog to put them in the tub like you do at home!
  • High tubs: no more kneeling and leaning over when you use our elevated tubs. By being able to stand up straight while washing your dog, the process of getting Fido clean is much less of a pain in the back. 
  • Walk-around tub style:  most people have a bathtub that’s ‘built in’ to the wall in their bathroom, which makes it cumbersome at best to get your dog their cleanest on all sides. Our tubs are designed to let you access all sides, so you can walk around easily to shampoo and rinse your dog on all sides.
  • No mess to clean up:  Hate washing your dog because your bathroom becomes a smelly, wet nightmare?  You’ll love using our self-serve dog washing stations- we clean up the water, dirt, and fur that comes with getting your buddy clean.
  • Secure: Each dog washing station has a place to securely clip your dogs leash, which means there’s no chance of them jumping out of the bath, soaking you and potentially injuring themselve.  We pride ourselves on keeping your pup safe and secure!

Are you as excited as we are to be open in Birmingham?  Contact us today to be invited to tour our facility when it opens and be first in line to use our self-serve dog grooming station in Birmingham!