pet boarding near me in birmingham mi

pet boarding near me in birmingham mi
Sasha is such a pretty girl! Both big and small dogs are welcome and happy to stay with us for pet boarding.

Sunny days are right ahead, and many families are planning trips.  But what about the dog?  Can you, and SHOULD you, bring Fido with you?  Many hotels don’t allow dogs, and pet parents are forced with a tough decision on what to do with their pup while they go out of town.  When looking into pet boarding near you, great care should be taken to ensure that you pick a place best suited to your dog.

Types of Pet Boarding

Not all pet boarding is the same.  For instance, many people have boarded their dog with their veterinarian at least once.  This sort of boarding means that your pup is in a crate the majority of the day, and may occasionally be let out to do his ‘business’. It’s really best suited for those situations where your pup has had a surgical procedure, or been under anesthesia. When your dog needs to be restrained, or kept from running around or jumping, this is your best option.

Some dog boarding kennels must keep dogs apart.  These are often constructed with concrete walls between kennel spaces, so that dogs can’t see each other up close and personal.  They usually have a dog that lets your dog out into a narrow fenced in run, which gives your dog some room to stretch their legs and get fresh air.  These types of kennels used to be the standard, and in some areas still are. They’re a great option for dogs who have not been socialized, or dogs that simply don’t like playing with other dogs, as it gives them plenty of privacy.

Luxury pet boarding can mean many things. In some cases, it just means that the pup is given a private area with a nice bed.  In other cases, such as at Dogtopia, it means that your pup is in for a day of open-play dog day care in addition to their boarding.  The value in this is huge, as we’ll explain below.

Doggie Day Care + Pet Boarding = Happy Dogs

The drawbacks of some other styles of pet boarding are primarily that they restrict your dogs activity level, just by the nature of the boarding facility they’re in.  At Dogtopia, we live for and LOVE active pups! When your pet boards with us, they get to participate in play with other dogs throughout the day.  This adds a level of mental, physical, and emotional stimulation to their day that they simply couldn’t get at facilities where dogs are kept apart from each other.  You’ll be able to check on them while you’re away by tuning into our convenient webcams, which is hugely comforting to pet parents.  Overall, it’s just a great choice for dogs who enjoy seeing other dogs.

Have you booked a vacation recently?  Contact us to set up a time to tour our doggie day care and pet boarding with your pup!