doggy day care dogs listening to commands in birmingham michigan
Doggy day care helps your dogs with their listening skills. Featuring pups at our Birmingham, MI facility.

Dogs and humans have been living together for a very long time.  It’s no wonder that they respond so well to human voices!  Recent studies have come out showing that dogs love the sound of human voices, and understand tone in a deep and meaningful way.  From the BBC:

Using “dog-speak” is important in building a bond between a dog and their owner, scientists from the University of York have found.

During a series of tests, dogs were spoken to in a high-pitched voice and again in a normal adult voice.

Researchers then monitored which speaker the dogs responded to and wanted to interact with.

PhD student Alex Benjamin said it seemed dogs were more likely to favour the speaker who used a high pitch.

Are you one of the countless people who uses ‘baby talk’ with your dogs?  If so, you’ll understand and appreciate the reasons that doggy day care is such a good thing for your dogs life!

Doggy Day Care Improves Dog Listening Skills & Confidence

Doggy day care can play a vital role in your dogs life.  Daily interaction and supervision is a smart strategy, especially for busy pet parents who don’t get to bring their dog to work.  By being around a variety of humans (we have many staff members!) and listening to human voices, your dog will get more savvy about tone and words.  Our trained staff talk to the pups throughout the day in the outdoor run and in playrooms. You’ll notice in the pics on our Facebook & Instagram pages the dogs looking at cameras due to our staff talking to them!

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