dog boarding during the holidays birmingham mi

The holidays are upon us, and with Thanksgiving over and December coming on fast, it’s time to start thinking about the when, where, and why of dog boarding during the holidays.

Why You Should Consider Dog Boarding During the Holidays

Our furry friends, as much as they seem like little people, are at a serious disadvantage during the holidays. What we mean by that is that our dog friends are going to be tempted by delicious smelling (and sometimes dangerous) foods, can be ‘under foot’ when you’re preparing meals & hanging decorations, and will be inundated by new people, sounds, and experiences that may overwhelm them.  It’s a potentially volatile situation, and one that we sometimes overlook and assume our dogs can handle.  Before your cousin Jimmy decides it’s ok to give Fido a piece of chocolate candy, it makes sense to carefully weigh your options.

Additionally, many people find their social calendar completely booked in the month of December.  Work parties, outings with friends, and family get togethers that require a few hours of driving are pretty common in December. By boarding your dog at a professional dog kennel, you’ll have the peace of mind that your friend is safe, comfortable, and taken care of.

dog boarding during the holidays birmingham mi
Little snugglers during the dog daycare portion of their dog boarding stay.

When You Should Consider Booking Dog Boarding During the Holidays

You need to start your search for the place to board your pup during the holidays as early as possible.  Dog boarding spaces go fast, and you don’t want to be left with a kennel that you normally wouldn’t choose just because every other place is full. For dog boarding during Christmas and the holiday season, we recommend booking your boarding as early as the week before Thanksgiving to ensure that you have a place at your favorite dog boarding kennel (and we sure hope it’s a Dogtopia location!!).  If you wait until the few days before Christmas, you’ll likely find that your boarding facility is completely booked.

Where You Should Consider Booking Your Dog Boarding During the Holidays

Dogtopia of course!!  You should read our article on what to look for to avoid bad dog boarding facilities first, and then consider the following items that set our Dogtopia locations apart:

  • Can I watch my dog via remote webcam?
  • Is the boarding open-play during the daytime?
  • Does the dog boarding kennel also have doggy daycare (which means your dog could come in and get used to the staff ahead of time)?
  • Does the boarding service have smart policies & organizatoin to keep your dog SAFE?
  • Is the staff friendly, knowledgable, and ready to answer your questions at any time?
  • Can you provide specialty food & medicines and know that it will get to your dog?
  • Does the boarding facility make you & your pup feel comfortable and secure in the knowledge that your best friend is in good hands?

This week is the best time to call any of our locations for dog boarding services in Utica or Bloomfield Hills to schedule your tour (if your haven’t been here before) or your next boarding session.  While you’re at it, we recommend you consider dog day care for those days you might be shopping or think your dog might enjoy a break from the hustle-bustle of the holidays.  We offer both full days AND half day dog day care sessions to accommodate your busy lifestyle. Very soon we’ll be offering the same services you love at our Dogtopia of Birmingham location and our new Dogtopia of Commerce location!