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It's all about my quality time with BFFFs.  You know - socializing, playing and being a smarty pants...sans the pants.

Our dogs are a beloved part of our families — just ask any pet parent. They shower us with unconditional love and ask for nothing in return. Why not show them some love back? Give your dog the gift of daycare at Dogtopia of Fairmont Parkway, Pasadena’s newest doggie destination.

Your pup will enjoy a day full of fun in our off-leash, open-play environment, as they socialize with their new BFFFs (Best Furry Friends Forever) and take part in exciting brain games and agility-focused activities designed to keep them feeling physically and mentally strong. Daycare pups also get to take part in our themed parties, puppuccino days, bacon-flavored bubble games, and doggie photoshoots that we hold regularly. At the end of a long day of playing, your dog will be exhausted and fulfilled, ready to curl up next to you on the couch and later enjoy a restful sleep.


Owners Justin and Laura Rosenhagen welcome you to our brand-new facility – a 5,100 sq. ft. dog center with three temperature-controlled playrooms where pups are free to roam and play under the supervision of well-trained Canine Coaches. Our “Toybox” playroom is ideal for smaller dogs, while our “Gym” is great for larger dogs who are well-socialized or are older. Meanwhile, our “Romper” playroom is for the dogs who fall somewhere in between, who may be a bit bigger and more active. We also have over 900 sq. ft. of a shaded outdoor play area where our daycare pups can enjoy the outdoors under our supervised care, weather permitting.

Our playrooms are safe, supervised environments where your pup can play with furry friends and feel comfortable exploring while learning to become even better canine citizens. This is why we separate our dogs in each playroom according to size and play style, as it allows them to safely form special bonds with each other, while also helping to boost their activity level because they are surrounded by like-minded friends. At daycare, they’ll learn how to ‘talk’ to other dogs and develop deeper socialization skills, which will improve their behavior on walks, in dog parks, and on public outings.

Our daycare dogs average around 30,000 steps in a day, which is 7.5x more than dogs who stay at home! With health concerns like dog obesity on the rise, adding regular activity to your pup’s routine can enhance their health and longevity. Their mind and body are exercised throughout the day and any pent-up stress and energy is spent. By the time you come to pick them up from daycare, they will be a perfectly happy and played-out pup – experiencing something we like to call the Dogtopia Daze.


While your dog is having the best time with their new pack, they are being supervised by our team of Canine Coaches who have undergone extensive training to become experts in dog signals, body language, and pack management. They are trained to redirect aggression and maintain positive play. Our Coaches must go through extensive online and observational training before being responsible for supervising a playroom.

Since our daycare dogs play in an off-leash environment, our Canine Coaches are experts at encouraging socialization and keeping dogs engaged and stimulated with fun exercises and activities throughout the day. Always responding with care, they pay diligent attention to how each dog is feeling and offer time-outs and breaks whenever needed. We treat each pup like they are a member of our family, and their comfort and safety are paramount.

During each daycare visit, our Canine Coaches want to make sure your pup lives up to their full potential. We get to see first-hand how your dog behaves and who they are socializing with, which we include in the periodic report cards we provide pet parents. They provide great snapshots into your pup’s day at daycare, and our regular customers can receive extra tips on how to replicate our positive reinforcement techniques at home.


Pet parents have the option of both half- and full-day packages or can choose from one of our weekly wellness plans to make daycare more consistent each week. This option is highly popular among pet parents, as it allows their dog to become accustomed to a daycare routine that offers socialization, play, exercise, and learning on a regular basis.

Since dogs thrive with routine and structure, we typically follow a consistent schedule. From opening until noon, our pups can enjoy everything their playroom has to offer, including running and playing with their BFFFs and engaging with our caring Canine Coaches. At noon, dogs get a much-needed (and well-deserved) nap in our home-style crates that are located in the familiar playroom they were just playing in. We also provide lunch and administer any medications, as directed by the pet parent. Our team uses this time to clean each playroom to ensure the next bout of playtime is in a safe and sanitized space. By 2:00 p.m., they are back to playing, learning, and exercising before being eventually getting picked up as a happily played-out dog.

On average, our daycare dogs enjoy eight to ten hours of play, which helps ward off boredom and keeps them mentally alert throughout the day – something pet parents cannot always accomplish with their pup at home, especially when life gets busy, or a work or school deadline is impeding on quality time. A day at daycare is filled with socialization, which is crucial for teaching dogs how to act around other dogs and humans, and it can reduce anxiety, build confidence, and diminish any destructive behavior that can arise due to boredom. By including daycare as one of the activities you provide your furry family member, you are helping to enrich their life.

During daycare hours, many pet parents add in a spa treatment for their dog. Whether it is something that needs to get done, such as a nail trim or teeth cleaning, or something more relaxing like a bath time massage or blueberry facial, it adds some extra pampering to their time in our care.


Before any dog enrolls in daycare at Dogtopia of Fairmont Parkway, they must pass our Meet & Greet evaluation. This doesn’t typically require a lot of time, but our expert evaluators want to determine if an off-leash, open-play environment is a good fit for each pup. This is what helps us ensure play time goes off without a hitch and that daycare dogs can socialize, learn, and play comfortably and safely with each other.

During this time, we will conduct a snout-to-tail assessment and a health history overview. We’ll observe how your pup reacts when they are around our staff, how comfortable they are within a crate (like the one we use for naps), and how they interact with a few four-legged furry friends in a controlled mini play area. This is also a chance for us to answer any questions you may have and take you on a tour of our entire facility. We care deeply about the safety of each dog, with our building, and the system built around it. This is why we communicate openly and want pet parents to know how their dog is doing, even during this visit at our location.

Please note that all dogs must be at least 12 weeks old, while dogs seven months and older must be spayed/neutered. Your pup must also be up-to-date with their vaccinations (i.e., Rabies, Bordetella, DHPP) to visit Dogtopia of Fairmont Parkway.

To keep our playrooms a safe and clean environment, we follow strict protocols that have been curated by Dogtopia’s very own experts, including an Environmental Biologist and a Veterinary Scientist, which sets us apart from our competitors. We only use pet-safe cleaning products to sanitize all our playroom surfaces and equipment multiple times throughout the day because we never want our facility full of dogs to smell like dogs. As for the things you can’t see, we have UV-filtered HVAC systems in each playroom that helps minimize bacteria and keeps the air fresh and circulating. This also helps us keep our playrooms temperature-controlled so that playing and napping are always comfortable and enjoyable.

We have full walls to separate each playroom rather than dividers or wire fences, as this helps prevent and contain doggie airborne viruses from spreading. It also keeps our daycare pups focused on their furry friends and their engaging activities – no outside distractions. We use compressed rubberized flooring in each playroom, which aids in the long-term hip, joint, and paw health of dogs and is much gentler than cement or gravel.

Dogtopia has several commitments to safety, which we at Dogtopia of Fairmont Parkway follow very closely. They include:

  • Certified Canine Coaches trained to manage and educate all breeds of dogs
  • Home-style crates for resting, feeding, and overnight stays
  • Brain games designed to keep dogs engaged
  • A passion for providing pet parents and their pups with the best possible service
  • A charitable cause that enables dogs to give back to humanity
  • A universal vow to treat your dog like a member of the family


We have dedicated webcams in each of our playrooms and our outdoor play spaces that are available for you to watch live during playtime hours. Take part in all of the tail-wagging fun virtually by viewing our private stream only available for our pet parents via our website or free mobile app.


Our daycare is built around experiences for dogs and convenience for pet parents. You can find our facility just off of Fairmont Parkway, between Country Rd. and Space Center Blvd., and near the Sam Houston Tollway. We have tons of parking on the side and back of our building and offer curbside drop-off for those who are in a rush to get their day started.

We are nearby some major retail stores such as Barnes and Noble, Bed Bath and Beyond, HEB, Cavendars, Freebirds, Zales, Kirklands, Bath and Body Works, Hobby Lobby, and Target. Turn your next shopping trip into a trip to our doggie spa for your pup to enjoy. We will have them feeling and looking like a million bones while you run errands! Or, if you are a student at the University of Houston at Clear Lake or San Jacinto College: Central Campus, drop your pup off for a half-day or full-day daycare visit, as we are only a short drive away from campus.

We can’t wait to meet pet parents and their pups from Fairmont Estates, Deer Park, Baywood Oaks West, Clear Lake City, Pine Brook, La Porte, and other surrounding communities. We are also easily accessible from Baywood Oaks, Bay Oaks, The Reserve at Clear Lake, and Pasadena River Oaks, and are minutes from dog-friendly outdoor venues like Armand Bayou, Strawberry Park and San Jacinto.

As members of the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce, we have built strong relationships with our neighbors, including the Spencer Animal Hospital, Pasadena Animal Shelter, Deer Park Animal Shelter, La Porte Animal Shelter, Sammye’s Dogs, LazyDaze Coffee Shop, and 4dogsbarkery.

CALL US TODAY AT 281-417-4660

Our entire team can’t wait to meet you and your furry family member! We are here to answer any of your questions and to help you book your pup’s first daycare visit. You can also fill out our online contact form, and a member of our team will reach out.
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