Written by Pet Parent

“We first got Blue our GSD at the tiny age of 8 weeks in April.  He is one of the most happy, sweet, playful pups, and he is always full of energy! We knew that a GSD puppy would need a ton of exercise and mental stimulation! Though we were walking our boy 3-4 times a day, it never failed that he had a good case of the zoomies at 9pm every evening.  Not only did I notice his nightly zoomies but he began to stand between my legs when walking by other dogs or people in our neighborhood.  Blue was around 12 weeks when I realized he needed socializing as soon as possible.  Blue had spent much of his first month in his new home only with his pet parents and I began to worry he would develop separation anxiety if I wasn’t home.  At just 12 weeks Blue joined Dogtopia and immediately fit in.  At our meet in greet I felt so welcomed by David and the staff, and to my surprise during his meet and greet he ran around with the other dogs in the city — and his tail wagged happily the entire time.  He was so excited!  We joined Dogtopia and Blues nightly case of zoomies disappeared.  As a current teething puppy, Blue has yet to chew on anything other than his toys (fingers crossed!).  I can tell the days Blue plays hard because he’s tired but very happy when he comes home. He is no longer afraid when we walk around our neighborhood and his separation anxiety has made great progress. We’re so happy we found Dogtopia for our sweet Blue!  I feel like when I’m dropping him off, I’m dropping him off with family 5 minutes down the road.  Thanks for taking care of my boy!”

Ali Steullet
Pet Parent
Dogtopia of Cypress Customer

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