Four dogs posing to the camera at Dogtopia of Cypress.

Dog parks can be awesome!  But as with much in life they also have some significant downsides.  This article “The mistakes people make at the dog park that put their pet at risk” we came across highlights some legitimate concerns around dog parks and some tips to ensure each time you go your pet is safe. Each of these tips are used daily by our canine coach. We do limit chasing at our facilities as it can quickly escalate to predatory drift. Our canine coaches are trained to study body languages of dogs and to stop and prevent any scuffles from escalating.

The article also left out some other key concerns about dog parks vs. what you would get at Dogtopia of Cypress – here are some of the things we guarantee:

  • Knowledge that all dogs have gone through a behavioral assessment and are ready to be socialized.
  • Knowledge that all dogs are vaccinated and up to date
  • Knowledge the area is sanitized and cleaned from bacteria, viruses, to insects.
  • Climate control play area

Dog parks are still awesome. Just be careful! We take our pups every so often. Below you can watch a video of our Corgi – Rocket at Bridgeland Dog Park.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Dog Daycare Owner,

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