Hi Pet Parents! My Name is David and I am the owner of Dogtopia of Cypress. For my very first blog post – I want to go over the foundation of our decision to go with Dogtopia. The process of evaluating and finding a franchise in itself could be a novel, but I am going to cut to the chase and just get down to the reason why Dogtopia was the franchise for us – they offer a great noble cause. We are all on this planet for a limited time – we all need some purpose and a reason for why we work. And that reason needs to go beyond profit – the older you get the more you realize that last statement.

Dogtopia’s Noble Cause is to: enhance the joy of dog parenthood and enable dogs to positively change our world!

A common question my family and I get is “why not help by working to donate to shelters?” Well that’s not really the root of the issue. Why are dogs in shelter’s? The answer is that many times the experience in raising the dog was not optimal for the dog parent and so sadly the dog is taken to an animal shelter. Certainly dog lovers know that when their dog is happy, there will be less incidents and therefore less frustration by pet parents. Can Dogtopia of Cypress make dogs happier? Yes, through socialization and activity throughout the day your pup will come home calm and relaxed.

By the way – because its a blog I can digress – everyone should enter the Dogtopia #INeedDaycare contest. You can win a 5-day daycare pass and Dogtopia swag! All you have to do is take an awesome picture showing your dog in a little bit of a predicament and then do one of the following:

1. Include #INeedDaycare in the caption of an Instagram post

2. Comment with a photo on the #INeedDaycare posts on facebook.com/dogtopia and include #INeedDaycare

3. Include #INeedDaycare along with a photo in a tweet on Twitter

4. Upload a photo to dogtopia.com/INeedDaycare

Back to the topic at hand – if we can make people just have the best experience with their dog then voila – the dog parent is less likely to give up their dog, which will then equate to less dogs in shelters.  Now that we have established the purpose of opening Dogtopia of Cypress by enhancing the joy of dog parenthood. The management team put together the Dogtopia Foundation to allow dogs to positively change our world. With all our access to wonderful dog parents who understand the magic of dogs – we can come together and do good and enable dogs to positively change our world via the Dogtopia Foundation. At Dogtopia of Cypress, we are committed to funding service dog training for military veterans returning home with physical and emotional challenges.

For more than 15 years, the Veteran’s Administration has covered veterinary care for service dogs that assist veterans with physical disabilities, yet it has declined to do that for PTSD service dogs. Options for our veterans with PTSD are currently only limited to counseling and medication. Veterans with service dogs have seen similar benefits for treatment of PTSD and other disabilities, without the harmful side effects and long-term costs of medications.

The Dogtopia team is fully committed to funding training and placing service dogs with veterans returning home with physical and emotional challenges. Last year, our team raised more than $140,000 in support of America’s VetDogs.

Whether you use Dogtopia of Cypress as your dog daycare or not, we urge you to consider contributing to the Dogtopia Foundation and help us make a difference in the lives of veterans everywhere. 100% of your donations will go directly to that purpose. There is no skimming of profits or management fees. We, as an individual store in the Dogtopia family, can sponsor a puppy to become a wonderful service dog for a veteran in need ($6K per dog).

For a limited time, Dogtopia of Cypress will be matching donations made to the Dogtopia Foundation (Up to $50) – Please join us in contributing to a fabulous cause and help us get to our goal of $6K – Click Here To Donate . Your donation will be tax deductible and you will get a receipt!

I hope you can see the passion and the love we will bring to Dogtopia of Cypress. Please follow us on our Facebook page to keep up with our journey of building a state of the art dog daycare facility in Cypress, Texas. We will be routinely posting our progress.

From my family to yours have a wonderful week!  Until next time…

Your Friendly Neighborhood Dog Daycare Owner – David

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