A dog pulling at his toyIf you live in Texas – yes, Texas – or New York for that matter, you know how bad the winter weather has been in 2021! Snowstorms, blizzards, and heavy rains have hit several states in the US, making it impossible for dog owners to head out with their pets to get some exercise. For this reason, we have compiled a list of exercises you can do with your dog indoors so the two of you can bond, stay fit, and kill boredom at the same time!

4 Indoor Dog Exercise Ideas

1. An Obstacle Course
If you live in a house or apartment with spacious rooms, you can easily set up obstacle courses for your dog. Create one with exciting obstacles that allow your dog to move its muscles such as jumping over chairs, circling pillars, or going under tables. Watch dog show videos to see how you can replicate obstacle courses at home. The best part is that this is a game that the whole family can get involved in. One person can set up the course while the other can work the score and so on. There are all kinds of things you can do for an obstacle course!

2. Running Up and Down the Stairs
One of the easiest indoor dog exercise ideas is running up and down the stairs. If you live in a home with several flights of stairs, running up and down can be an excellent exercise, not only for your dog but also for you! It can improve stamina, help lose weight, burn off fat and strengthen the core. However, this exercise is not recommended for old dogs, especially those with health issues such as joint pain.

3. Doggy Yoga – Doga
Doggy yoga is one of the newly-popular exercises you can do with your dog indoors. It is known as “doga” and is just as good for your pet as yoga is for you. Your dog can be a terrific partner during your yoga session. It may also enjoy socializing with other dogs if you opt for an indoor doga class. Most dogs enjoy the calming energy and stretching that the exercise provides.

4. Doggy Wall Sits
Doggy wall sits is a popular exercise and has 2 versions:

·         Small dog: Position your back against the wall. Then, lower your body so your knees are above your heels at a 90-degree angle from the floor. Then, do wall sits while holding your small dog for some extra weight.

·         Large dog: Position yourself in the same way as you would for a small dog, but instead of picking up your large dog, have it sit across from you and place its paws on your legs for some added weight.

The Bottom Line
This brings us to the end of our list of exercises you can do with your dog indoors. All dogs need at least 30 to 60 minutes of exercise each day, whether it is indoors or outdoors. However, the everyday requirement may differ depending on a dog’s breed, health condition, and age. Exercising your dog is super important for its health so never skip it! For more information on how to take care of your dog’s needs and health, visit Dogtopia today.