Taking care of a sick dog at home is a challenging task. But during sickness is when your pet needs you the most so you have to act like an overly responsible parent till your dog recovers. In this blog are some ideas on how to take care of a sick dog and make it feel comfortable at home.

4 Ways of Taking Care of Sick Dog at Home

Taking care of a sick dog at home1. Encourage Your Dog to Be Active
Your dog might not feel like moving a muscle all day during sickness but this is actually bad for its health. Your dog might end up developing bedsores if it lies in one place for too long without even a stretch. These bedsores can damage the skin or tissue and occur mostly when there is prolonged pressure on the skin for long periods. Even while your dog is unwell, take it for walks around the neighborhood. A little bit of fresh air can work wonders.

2. Take Care of Your Dog’s Diet
Remember that when your pet is sick, you should not give it anything to eat that is heavy on the stomach because this will only make it feel worse. For the first 24 hours, particularly if your pet is experiencing diarrhea or nausea, you should reserve all food. After this time has elapsed, give your dog completely bland pet food. The diet must include both starch and protein sources. An ideal combination is boiled chicken with a cup of white rice.

3. Tend to Your Dog’s Bathroom Needs
Taking care of a sick dog at home means tending to its bathroom needs. As a dog parent, it is your duty to track your pet’s bathroom practices during the illness. Your pet is most likely going to feel too fatigued to get up from its place and go to the bathroom so you will have to pay attention. It’s also very likely that your pet’s body will be full of urine and feces, so make sure you clean it at least twice a day. You should also change its bedding every day while it is sick.

4. Groom Your Dog
If your dog is sick, it probably does not have the energy to keep itself clean. Lying in one place all day, dirty and exhausted can take a toll on its health. It is your responsibility to make sure your pet stays clean. While a proper wet bath can irritate your sick dog, a wet cloth rubbed all over its body will only be good for it. Make sure to specifically run the cloth over the ears, eyes, and mouth to keep them clean.

Final Words
Being a dog owner comes with several responsibilities. Even though it can get quite overwhelming when your pet falls sick, you can follow the abovementioned tips on taking care of a sick dog at home to make it easier for yourself and your pet. For more information on how to tend to your dog’s needs, visit Dogtopia today ad browse through our helpful blogs with expert advice!