Is Houston Dog Daycare and Boarding Worth It?

Is a Houston dog daycare and boarding facility worth the price? As we shift back to working in offices, many people find themselves wondering this. For many of us, dogs are more than pets. They’re furry members of our families.

They play with us and our children, work out with us, and sometimes even sleep in our beds. Oftentimes, our dogs can’t go to work with us, though.

As our situations changed with coronavirus, many of our dogs found a new normal with us being home all the time. They grew accustomed to our presence, and when we have to go back to work, it can be hard for everyone. It can be hard to leave dogs at home all day when they’re alone.

We often hear concerns that dog daycare is unaffordable. However, they are usually looking at the wrong place. Whether you can afford dog daycare for your pet is a matter of whether you can find it in your budget and whether you feel your dog will be safe.

thinking about if dog boarding is worth it? The cost is with Dogtopia Galleria

What Does Dog Daycare Include? 

Before you spend your money on a Houston dog daycare, it’s important to understand what services they offer. Good dog daycares in Houston will offer everything your dog needs to absolutely love their time there.

Playtime for Your Dog 

For dogs, playtime is incredibly important. You have to make sure the dog boarding facility offers time with other dogs as well as time with highly trained staff. Dog daycare services like ours offer indoor and outdoor play areas. At our facility, we have a selection of climate-controlled indoor play areas designed to reflect some excellent local parks.

These areas all need to be big enough for dogs to maneuver and run without being on top of each other. Another important aspect to consider playgroups. A good facility will recognize how crucial it is to separate dogs based on their comfort levels, size, and temperament.

While socialization is important, dogs need to be comfortable and safe. Our trainers know how to recognize aggressive behavior vs dog play and safely separate animals before it escalates.

Time to Rest 

While exercise and play are important for dogs, so is rest. Proper dog daycare provides ample time and space for dogs to rest comfortably. Some dog boarding centers will also allow you to bring a few comforts of home to ensure your dog is comfortable.

Safe Toys 

As with childcare, a Houston dog daycare needs to offer mental stimulation as well as physical exercise. However, some toys can be dangerous for dogs. That’s why it is important to consult a list of approved toys, such as this one provided by the Humane Society, and know what can pose a threat to dogs.

Other Important Questions to Ask Your Houston Dog Daycare 

While toys and play areas are great for a dog daycare in Houston to have, check for the following to ensure your dog is in a safe environment. These will help you know that your pet is in safe hands.

  • Proof of vaccinations. It can be a pain to find your dog’s vaccine records, but it is vital for a dog daycare to require them. This means you can rest easy knowing your dog won’t catch anything.
  • Trained Staff. Find a facility with a good human to dog ratio and a caring staff. This will ensure that there’s plenty of staff to cover supervision if something bad happens.
  • Interview Process. At our dog daycare service, we want to know every guest is safe. That’s why all dogs must pass a social evaluation. Our mandatory evaluations allow us to get to know your dog and see how they behave with our staff and other dogs, ensuring they’re a good fit. It’s also a great time to learn about any special medications or foods.
  • When you visit, you’ll be able to tour our dog boarding facility before you commit. We use pet-friendly cleaning materials on a regular basis to ensure that our play areas and rooms are safe and sanitary.

Our Houston Dog Daycare 

At Dogtopia Houston-Galleria, our Houston dog daycare facility is fairly new. We opened in 2017 and designed our boarding center with safety and comfort in mind. It boasts three spacious playrooms and an outdoor play yard. We also offer boarding services for extended stays.

We deep clean each playroom multiple times a day, and the flooring is a soft rubber perfect for dogs’ paws and joints. Moreover, our facility has HVAC systems that keep the air fresh and clean.

Do you need a dog daycare but find yourself concerned over the cost? While our facility may feel like a pet resort, we maintain competitive pricing to offer your dog a great experience. As a bonus, whenever you miss your dog, you can see what they’re up to on our live webcam feed! Contact our dog daycare in West Houston today and see how we can help you.