The Do's and Don't's of Dog Daycare made this dog one happy pup

Houston Dog Daycare and Boarding Dos and Donts

The Do's and Don't's of Dog Daycare Boarding Facility made this dog one happy pup
Happy puppy playing with a ball in sunset light at Dogtopia: Houston – Galleria

When you need to leave your dog with a Houston dog daycare and boarding service, it can be a hard decision. Whether you’re heading off on vacation or have too much on your plate, sometimes it is just necessary. To help you and your dog thrive at a daycare facility, it’s important to plan ahead. Make sure everything is organized so that you can relax or focus on peace of mind.

When you want to take your dog to a boarding facility, here are some of the dos and don’ts related to dog daycare.

Research Your Options 

While we hope you choose us as your Houston dog daycare, it is important that you take time to research your options. Find the dog boarding facility that is right for you. Every place offering to care for your pet has a different environment.

That’s why it is vital to do your homework on potential pet resorts and dog daycares. You want to find a place that your pet absolutely loves.

When pet owners call us about leaving their dog with us for the first time, we love it when they ask thorough questions about our services and itinerary. We are always happy to share information about our playgroups as well as our indoor and outdoor play areas. We designed our climate-controlled facility to offer the appearance of some of the amazing parks that Houston has to offer. These areas are great for helping your dog release pent-up energy that can turn into anxiety or destructive behavior.

Before your pet’s stay, we’ll ask you to bring them to our Houston dog daycare for an evaluation. This time also allows you to tour our facility and meet our dedicated trainers. While here, it’s important to let us know about your furry friend’s specific needs.

This ensures we can accommodate your dog properly, maximizing their comfort. If your dog has a specific condition, any aversion to loud noises, or special medications, please let us know!

The more we know about your pet, the better care we can provide!

Prepare Your Pet for a Houston Dog Daycare Stay 

When you’re ready to board your dog with our Houston Dog Daycare, we need to know your dog is up to date on vaccines. Any daycare or dog hotel will require a Rabies vaccine, Bordetella vaccine, and DHPP vaccine (Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvo, and Parainfluenza).

Additionally, when you need to board your dog for an extended stay, be sure to bring some of the comforts of home! A favorite toy or their personal bedding can make their stay much more comfortable.

Try to Keep Goodbyes Upbeat and Quick 

As you drop off your pet, try not to fuss over them too much. While you might be sad about leaving them at our Houston dog daycare, it’s important to stay happy and calm. A prolonged goodbye at a dog boarding center imparts your emotions to your dog.

Dogs can sense changes in behavior, and this can transfer anxiety over to them. If you fuss over your pet, it can trigger separation anxiety in them and cause them to lash out with destructive behavior.

This makes the boarding experience far more stressful for them. We highly recommend a quick goodbye with an upbeat attitude. This can show them that something good is happening, avoiding stress on everyone’s part.

While They Stay at Our Houston Dog Daycare, Enjoy Your Time! 

So long as you have done your due diligence and prepared your pet, you can rest easy. When you know your dog is in good hands, it will give you peace of mind. They get to enjoy a new adventure while you are off on your own!

Our caring staff is highly trained to provide excellent pet care at our boarding facility. We even offer dog training lessons while your dog is spending time in our daycare services. Our training helps them feel comfortable here while also making them a better canine citizen.

At Dogtopia Houston-Galleria, we also offer webcam feeds that allow you to check in on your dog. Check-in whenever you need and rest assured that your pet is having a blast!