A dog hides under a blanket during fireworks on the Fourth of July.

Houston Dog Daycare on the Fourth of July 

The Fourth of July is fast approaching, and our Houston dog daycare will be open! Many pet owners in West Houston and the Galleria area wonder whether they should board their dog for this holiday.

As much as we humans may love fireworks, it’s important to understand that dogs simply do not. Dogs can be extremely sensitive to noises, and this makes the Fourth of July a nightmare for them. While Houston canceled the Freedom Over Texas festival, the fireworks will still happen. Likewise, we don’t always know what our neighbors have planned.

Are you concerned about your dog on this noisy holiday? We welcome our furry friends with open arms! Pet care is our number one concern. Our team strives to ensure every dog who visits us absolutely loves their stay.

Is My Dog Noise Sensitive? 

It’s usually quite easy to tell when your dog doesn’t enjoy loud noises. Here are a few signs that could indicate your dog might be happier in our Houston dog daycare:

  • Cowering during explosions
  • Climbing onto or pressing up against their owner
  • Constant barking Hiding
  • Pacing
  • Drooling

Even happy and social dogs seem stressed by fireworks. Whether you have your dog indoors or outdoors, fireworks can cause them to injure themselves or others or even run away. When the stress is bad, dogs might even break free of their homes during Independence Day celebrations. Statistics show that dog shelters see a large number of intakes on July 5th.

It’s okay to exercise caution and want to protect your dog. When the city and your neighbors decide to set off large fireworks, they might feel safer in a dog daycare. We also have dog boarding services if you want your pet to stay with us through the night.

Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe At Home 

Should you choose to keep your dog at home, take some precautions to ease their stress. If you follow these tips, it will help to keep your dog’s stress levels lower.

  • Keep your dog inside during the fireworks. This is even better with human companionship.
  • Provide a safe area for your dog to hide. In cases like the Fourth of July, dogs tend to prefer smaller, enclosed spaces. A crate is a great option for dogs who are comfortable in them.
  • Ensure they get a thorough workout earlier in the day.
  • Be sure that your dog has their tags on a properly fitted collar in case they break out of the house.
  • Give your dog a frozen Kong filled with peanut butter or their favorite treats.
  • Keep your windows and curtains closed. Covering a create to remove visual stimulation can also help.

Houston Dog Daycare + Boarding During Fireworks 

Whether your home is the epicenter for Houston fireworks or you don’t want to leave your dog home alone, it makes sense to board them in a dog daycare. For Houston residents, our gorgeous dog boarding facility is a great place for anxious dogs to relax. Our highly trained team is on-hand to carefully monitor our overnight guests, working to ensure they are safe and happy.

Our dog daycare services are in the hands of a caring staff who work to ensure all our dogs feel comfortable. The Dogtopia of Houston-Galleria facility is like a climate-controlled pet resort. Your dog will love spending time in our playgroups, which offer indoor and outdoor play. We also offer dog training to help your dog become a better canine citizen.

The pet owners who leave their dogs with us love the peace of mind that comes with knowing their dog is secure, safe, and cared for by trained professionals. To ensure these pet parents are at ease, we have webcams that allow you to check in on our play areas. We are confident that your dog will love staying with us throughout the summer months and beyond.