What You Need to Know About Houston Dog Daycare 

Woman sitting on floor petting puppy before taking them to Houston Doggy Daycare

Since the late 2000s, dog daycares began to pop up throughout the United States. With more opening every year, it leaves many pet owners wondering, “are dog daycares good for your dog?”

While some dog owners highly recommend them, others hear horror stories that put them off of daycares for their dog. Because they’ve become so popular, it’s important for any pet owner considering dog daycares to know what to look for. Like humans, every dog is different, and they all react to daycare services and dog boarding in their own ways. In this post, we want to provide a better understanding of dog daycares as well as the potential benefits they hold for your dog.

Are Dog Daycares Good? 

At our Houston dog daycare, we understand that daycare is not a good fit for every dog. We believe that dog daycares are an excellent opportunity for your furry friend to expend all their energy. Remember that your dog is very different and has different needs. A domesticated dog is a social animal that tends to thrive in groups. They crave socialization and interaction with others.

While dogs are happy to be with their owners, they also love to spend time with other animals. To our dogs, we humans have very strange customs and rules. They suppress their instinctual behaviors for our benefit.

However, it’s nice for them to have time with other dogs to forget our human nonsense and just be dogs. With the right Houston dog daycare, they have the chance to run around with their friends, connect with their canine selves, and talk about how weird humans are.

Houston Dog Daycares Offer More Activity 

It’s unfortunate to hear, but to dogs, humans can be quite boring. Oftentimes, dogs are far more active than humans. Our countless responsibilities can weigh us down and stop us from running around with our dogs all day. No matter what kind of job a pet owner might have, they rarely have the time for the amount of activity and stimulation that adult dogs crave.

Your dog might seem content to lie on the couch all day. However, don’t they deserve the opportunity to run around? While our dogs often adjust to our lifestyles, it doesn’t mean those cravings disappear. When you bring your dog to a Houston dog daycare for some canine companions, it can improve their quality of life.

Most dogs benefit from regular interaction with other dogs. They benefit from the social interaction and companionship of having other dogs around. Why? These are the four main benefits of dog daycare.

  • Without socialization, dogs can become anti-social, potentially making them uncomfortable or aggressive around other dogs.
  • They learn social manners from other dogs. Without this information, they cannot understand the cues from other dogs. In turn, this can lead to canine conflict.
  • We all know dogs need exercise. However, not every pet owner acts on this. At their Houston dog daycare, they have the opportunity to expend as much energy as they want.
  • You get a break. Being a pet owner can be tough. We don’t always have the time we need to provide proper care to our canines.

How Do I Find a Dog Daycare Near Me? 

Not every Houston dog daycare is the same. There are good ones and bad ones, and there are some you’ll simply feel more comfortable with. It’s important to visit a few dog daycares near you and see how you feel about them. They need to be clean and provide a safe environment for their guests.

When it comes to play areas, your dog probably doesn’t care too much. They just want space. However, any daycare that provides both indoor and outdoor play areas has excellent opportunities for play.

Most of all, ensure that you feel safe leaving your dog in these areas. You know their habits better than anyone.

Our Dog Daycare in West Houston

At DogTopia Houston-Galleria, we separate our guests into different playgroups. We base these groups on size, age, and temperament. We also host a meet and greet with potential guests to ensure they are not aggressive. After this, we do everything we can to ensure your dog absolutely loves the time they spend here.

Whenever you want to check in on your dog, you can do so from the comfort of your computer. We have webcams set up throughout our dog daycare facility to offer pet owners peace of mind. You’ll see our highly trained staff supervising the playgroups and ensuring they are all well cared for.

From dog training to dog daycare and boarding, we offer a variety of services that will have your dog feeling like they are at a pet resort. At our boarding facility, we treat your dog like a family member.