Keeping Your Dog Cool in the Summer with Houston Dog Daycare

Dog keeping cool in the heat of summer
Got to stay cool during this summer heat. (and stylish)

As a leading Houston dog daycare, we know that most dogs stay cool, healthy, and active in the heat so long as they get plenty of water and shade. However, we also know that certain breeds love hotter climates while others need a little more care in the summer. This is especially true in places like Houston. Dog daycares need to accommodate all types of dogs and know how to care for each of them. Luckily, our highly trained staff knows just the way to help your furry friend feel comfortable at our Houston dog daycare and boarding facility. Whether you have a puppy or adult dog, here are a few tips to keep in mind as Houston gets hotter.

Tips to Keep Your Dog Cool 

When you see the temperature on the rise, it’s time to help your dog beat the heat. Here are a few tips from the staff of our Houston dog daycare that will help to keep your canine cool.

  • Add ice cubes to their water bowl.
  • Take a collapsible water dish with you on walks.
  • Exercise in the morning and evening to avoid the heat.
  • Take them to a Houston dog daycare with indoor play areas.
  • Avoid hot pavement and consider booties to insulate their toes.
  • Offer an ice pack or damp towel for them to rest on.
  • Try some homemade frozen dog treats.
  • Offer them time in a wadding pool (check dog parks near you or get a kiddy pool).
  • String up a tarp if your backyard doesn’t have much shade.
  • Replace part of their diet with canned food.

What Breeds Love Hot Weather? 

As we said, there are some breeds that love warm weather. These are typically dogs with short hair, such as chihuahuas or beagles. A dog with a thick coat or a short snout will be less comfortable when temperatures rise.

If your dog’s breed originates in a hot climate, they are ready to face the Houston summer. Basenjis are a great example. Dogs bred for racing and coursing, such as whippets or greyhounds, also do well in the heat. This is because their long noses cool the air while their bigger lungs and hearts distribute oxygen throughout their bodies more efficiently.

What Dogs Are Sensitive to Warm Climates? 

Most dogs can tolerate the heat of a Houston summer with the right hydration and environment. However, there are some dogs who will always have a harder time.

Dogs with short snouts cannot regulate their temperatures well because their nasal passages are short. This includes breeds such as pugs, Boston terriers, and bulldogs.

Other dogs that may need special attention in the heat include dogs that are older, obese, or diabetic. They need extra care when the temperature starts to rise. Still, with proper care and access to a Houston dog daycare, they can continue to thrive in the south.

Know the Signs of Heatstroke in Dogs

It may surprise you to learn that dogs can get heatstroke. Unfortunately, it affects them, too. When you notice these signs, it is crucial to contact your vet.

  • Rapid breathing and panting
  • Fatigue
  • Staggering
  • Raised temperature
  • Muscle tremors
  • Excessive salivation and thicker saliva

To help keep your dog cool, wrap them in cold wet towels, especially their belly. Pointing a fan at them can also help to cool them down. Keep an eye on your dog’s temperature and stop the treatment when it is down to about 103°.

Be careful as you cool your dog because rapid cooling can cause shock. Allow them access to cool water but do not force them to drink. If the vet believes there is cause for concern, they may push IV fluids.

What About Dehydration? Tips from Our Houston Dog Daycare 

Not all signs of dehydration are noticeable. Here are a few physical signs that we look for at our dog daycare in Houston.

  • Lethargy
  • Dry mouth
  • Sunken eyes
  • Depression
  • Gently pinching a fold of skin on the neck and noticing it is slow to move back

When dehydration is a concern, offer your dog cool, clean water. Adding a splash of carrot juice or meat broth can encourage drinking. Some dogs also enjoy a few ice chips in their water bowl.

Should I Shave My Dog? 

In Houston, the heat can feel unbearable at times. It can even cause humans to shave. However, before you bust out the razor, you need to understand that there are drawbacks to shaving your dog.

Shaving your dog can decrease their protection from the sun. Likewise, it can cause a sudden lack of insulation that causes discomfort.

Additionally, longer guard hairs have a different growth rate from inner insulation hairs. This means that it can take years for some dogs to regain their natural appearance. Consult your vet before you make this decision. With some precautionary measures, dogs with thick coats can survive a Houston summer.

Let Your Dog Play at Our Houston Dog Daycare 

At our climate-controlled Houston dog daycare, we believe in structured and safe play. That’s why we provide a variety of activities as well as basic dog training and indoor and outdoor play. Through these activities, we teach your dog good habits and let them play with other dogs in a safe environment. This helps them come back home happy and exhausted.

Are you in the West Houston area, such as the Galleria, Bellaire, River Oaks, Heights, Midtown, Katy, or Sugar Land? Our Houston dog daycare is just a short trip away. When your beloved pet stays at our safe and clean facility, they’ll feel like they’re at a pet resort.

Our caring staff works hard to provide each of our guests with the love and attention they deserve. We want to ensure your dog absolutely loves our daycare services. Feel free to contact us with any questions about our dog daycare, dog boarding, or dog training services!